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What type of Stoner are you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mr Mafialand, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Thought it would be fun to get one of these started! (My first thread)
    So, here are a few of the classic 'stoner-types', which one do you identify with? If there's any I've missed feel free to tell me :smoke:

    - The 'Everything's better high' stoner
    - The philosophical 'deep' stoner
    - The creative, artist stoner
    - Spiritual stoner (includes Rastafarians)
    - The engineer (can make just about any type of device needed in no time)
    - Old-school hippie (usually the older ones amongst us)
    - Social stoner
    - Scavenger stoner (usually has no weed of his own)
    - Skater/Surfer type
    - Lazy-ass stoner (all he needs is a couch/bed/chair, a tv/computer and of course a ton of munchies)
    - Nature-lover (prefers toking outside)
    - The Trippy stoner (experiments with other hallucinogenics, such as shrooms and salviia)
    - The 'Chef' (loves making edibles)

    So, I'd probably qualify for quite a few...
    - Engineer, 'everything's better high', philosopher, artist, and lazy (depends on what I've got)

    Get your answers coming! :hello:
  2. #2 ComplexTofu, Apr 11, 2013
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    'Everything's better high,' philosophical, spiritual, social, and nature lover. But I adapt to my surroundings, sense the mood, and "control" my high accordingly, it's great.

    EDIT: You left out those ones that have zero tolerance and go absolutely crazy. And the ones who pretend to be stoned. I hate them ones.
  3. Did you just watch Half Baked?

    I'm going with everything's better high....

  4. I did a few days ago, before finishing my bud... thats where i got the idea from, yes
  5. Out of those?

    I do think that 'most' things are better when stoned. Of course there are some things that aren't though. I do love me some philosophical conversations while high, and sober as well. While I do consider myself creative, normally I'm way to high to be able to really create art, however I do love widdling so I guess that counts! I'm definitely a spiritual stoner, I feel like I'm closer to the world around me while high for sure. Not much of an engineer though... Or an old school hippie for that matter. I am certainly a social stoner, as I love being high with other people more than by myself. I almost always have weed on me, and if it's a rare chance I don't, I will always hit people back up. So no, not a scavenger. I don't skateboard, but I do longboard and surfboard, however I've never done either high... Gatta change that this summer! Who hasn't been lazy while high before? :p I am 100% a nature lover and would much rather smoke outside than indoors, unless it's cold because I just hate hate hate the cold. And yes, I am without a doubt a trippy stoner... Including weed, I have experimented with ten substances in total, however out of those ten, I will never be trying three of them again, and besides weed, the rest are just either one time things or special occasions. I had fun with most of them, and one of them even made me have the most spiritual connection and understanding I've ever experienced, however I don't want to be addicted to something bad so I know my boundaries now and will stick with it from now on. As for being a chef, hahaha sometimes I will dress up like a fancy French waiter, make a list of all the food in my house, and while my friends are tripping out I'll come over with an accent and ask what they want to eat, then make it. I love cooking when I'm high, and I love making edibles too!
  6. ^Gotta try that chef idea
  7. They get a kick out of it every time. Ever listen to Frank Ocean's song Pilot Jones? I interpret that term 'Pilot Jones' as someone who is hospitable for others while in a smoke sesh and takes care of them to make sure they have the best experience possible. That's what I am to my friends, a pilot jones ;) Cuz I always pull through with the bud and munchies lol Also I can give you guys an AMAZING recipe for the ultimate stoner food ever :3
  8. Wouldn't mind hearing that recipe, maybe you should start a thread ahaha

  9. You sound great! I usually end up catering for my friends too, not out of choice though... would be awesome to have a sesh with someone like you for a change :p
  10. i'm a renaissance stoner.

  11. Will do right now! Look for it in the cooking section of the threads.

    Since I love to cook anyway, I don't have a problem catering to people. But I can understand, sometimes it takes up too much time, but I live to spread happiness and tranquility, so as long as I get my munchies and everything is cool, it's no sweat off my back :cool:
  12. #13 Tastytrichomes, Apr 11, 2013
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    i'm equally all of them on the list except the scavenger, skater/surfer, and old hippie

    most things are better stoned, and if i'm really high, my experience always involves deep, introspective thinking. i prefer getting high alone so i can focus more on my life and sometimes even soften my ego. just let go sometimes

    i'm also pretty artistic/creative. i am going to university for my BA degree in graphic design, and i have a pretty natural talent for art. i also produce EDM (electronic dance music) so, needless to say, i make most of my tracks while stoned

    meditation and working out are a big part of my life. i believe that getting the machine going mentally and physically, sometimes in harmony, makes you a better person. i guess i believe in some possibility of the spirit's existence as well

    i have definitely made my fair share of ghetto bongs back in the day, and i can roll a mean joint anywhere at any time practically (as long as it isn't in public). i primarily smoke joints

    as for being a social stoner, i mean, everyone's a bit more talkative when stoned, easier to get along with. you just need to learn to drop the negativity, relax, and not give a fuck, especially if you have some form of social anxiety (like i used to all through high school). then all your tension and worries fade away, because you're fucking high with some good people (who are usually also stoned)

    sometimes with some really good indica, i can slump in my computer chair for god damn hours on end, but i don't like to do that. i prefer to be outside, keeping my mind stimulated, or even doing physical activity. i am a nature lover with a heavy interest in other psychedelics. forgetting we're part of nature through an industrialized, greed machine called society, as well as forgetting about the natural perspective-changing substances that want to communicate with us, is a very huge mistake. i'd much rather be in the woods getting incomprehensibly high on a summer night than inside playing shitty video games with a couple fat fucks
  13. If I had to put myself in some categories probably

    Everything's better high cause too me everything is.
    Creative Artist I just write music better when under the influence of the herbs.
    Trippy because yeah I be doing some trippy stuff lol.
    Social Stoner I'm always talking about something.
    The Chef because yes brownies over blunts and Bongs!

  14. I love you.

    Care to share any of your music you made? I was too stoned earlier to remember, but I actually make music too! And that's certainly creative. I have a soundcloud, if you'd like to give critiques and such, or possibly work on something collaborative? I love finding others who make music!
  15. refer to sig, friend

  16. Well.


    I've done smoked myself retarded.
  17. That was beautiful :')

    Seriously, bravo. It kept getting better and better throughout, and I think that's what makes a really good beat like that. Also, kudos for the 'It's Alive!'

    I dunno if I can top that yet, but I made a five song EP Junior year and uploaded it here. I have new things I'm working on, but for now I have this. It's more melodic than yours, which I feel is good for chilling out.
  18. Probably a mix of everything's better high, creative/artist, and lazy stoner haha. I definitely enjoy everything more when I'm stoned but I also love playing guitar and writing music when I'm stoned. But then there are also days where I love just sitting in my chair or laying in bed just staring at the tv being a lazy ass stoner haha
  19. everythings better high, philosophical, creative/artist. and lazy stoner. lol too many to choose just one.

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