What type of stoner are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by qwertyasdf, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Like do you proclaim to everyone that you smoke weed, are you a douche, are you chill and passive? What type of stoner are you GC?

    Personally I keep the fact that I smoke bud between close friends and immediate family. Like if I hear someone I don't know talking about how much they like weed, I don't really try to relate. But it's whatever :smoke:
  2. I don't care if most people know I smoke and I am usually pretty chill and laid back
  3. i want weed.
  4. I don't tell people i smoke weed but i don't care if they know either, i guess im pretty chill most of the time
  5. I don't publicly proclaim my weed usage, because that is just idiotic and makes you like a giant attention whore. I am very chill and laid back, extremely nonchalant. Weed only increases this chillness.
  6. Everyone who lives around me, work, all my friends and family know I smoke. And I am normally chill and a little goofy.
  7. human stoner

    one thats onna 3 year break at the moment
  8. [quote name='"TinManThaBoyBoy"']human stoner

    one thats onna 3 year break at the moment[/quote]

  9. probation
  10. [quote name='"TinManThaBoyBoy"']

    That sucks sorry bro
  11. [quote name='"TinManThaBoyBoy"']

    You know you can smoke the day you drop and be fine right? If you're on a month drop even on color code
  12. I'm just a dude who's living life. And smoking weed along the way.
  13. 2 week drop.. im not tryna risk it.. i gotta son i gotta be here for
  14. [quote name='"TinManThaBoyBoy"']
    2 week drop.. im not tryna risk it.. i gotta son i gotta be here for[/quote]

    Good for you. Don't get me wrong I love weed but there are more important things in life. Shows a lot of commitment props for you bro
  15. Im the kind that smokes.
  16. I smoke daily, but I don't go out of my way to tell people I smoke, or to tell anyone how great it is.

    But I do hate finding people that are the same way, because I know they're probably cool to chill with, but nobody wants to bring it up.
  17. I am one of those people that when you first meet you would never think they smoked works to my benefit! Being really fit and in shape in most peoples mind = no weed
    SMOKE ERRRDAY and I am so chill when I am high.... chillin
  18. Chill and usually quiet. But I like to be energetic and do things while high.

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