What type of "stoner" are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. The intellectual knowledge/futurist stoner.

    Jason Silva is my role model.
  2. I'm the late night ninja stoner that tokes at a freinds house, whose generous enough to hook me up, but i only do that once a month avg, and i always repay him
  3. Black guy with dreadlocks, but they are well maintained so you wouldn't think me as a Stoner. I usually wear polo shirts and khakis, rugged yet professional.

    I listen to all types of music depending on the mood, and I blaze as often as possible.

  4. i'm a stoner from the distant past. i sorta feel like an ancient greek, especially when i'm baked. like the ancient greeks, i care deeply about knowlege, particularly philosophy and the sciences, and how they come together. i also strive for physical perfection like they did. i rock a Leonidas beard. Leonidas is my baptismal name. i am of greek descent.

    now who wants to tell me i'm not an ancient fuggin greek?

    sorry, baked :smoke:
  5. I'm what i am .

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