What type of "stoner" are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. [quote name='"screech"']i guess if i'm being honest i'm kinda the hippie stereotype. like, objectively i'm a bisexual vegan political activist. this is a disappointing revelation.[/quote]

    dont be dissappointed...this girl in high school was a total hippe and i found her to be cool as hell. and quite frankly i thought it was pretty irresistable lol
  2. im the "stoner that doesnt talk about being a stoner, but will interupt anyone spreading false information about cannabis, thus revealing my true identity as a stoner"
  3. I guess a hardcore stoner?

    Not sure

    I wear tight jeans
    I have some pretty big gauges
    Band shirts n stuff
    And listen to hardcore and metalhardcore music

    I play drums and I was ina band

    I smoke up and play drums a lot.of the time
    Everything comes natural when I'm high and playing

  4. dude thats me to haha i hate it when people gloat or what ever about smoking its ridiculous like who cares hahaha.
  5. Occasional stoner. Underachieving too but it's alway been that way :p
  6. The athletic, cultured, and close-to-nature one. Smoke everyday, not harming mind body and soul. Since I was born I wanted to be the best in every subject.
    I'm really keen on literature, politics, languages and football (soccer). That's it ;)
  7. i smoke drink and smoe cigs. i skate, ski, bike, and write music. and fuck bitches :smoke:
  8. [quote name='"PunchingZebra"']Im a athletic stoner. I work out and play sports but still smoke every damn day..

    What are you?[/quote]

    Ditto, only downfall are the darn munchies!
  9. Innocent good girl Stoner, who me? Never! Puff
  10. Superhero/vigilante stoner
    Asian stoner
    Action stoner
  11. myself type of stoner, i am me for i am theee stoner!
  12. I'm the unsuspected stoner.I'm a chick and I go a private catholic school but smoke mostly everyday and like to horseback ride high, hike, cook.. You'd never guess.
  13. Pretty obvious stoner, jordan shorts, nikes, fitted hats. Eyes usually red :smoke:
  14. [quote name='"BluntSeason"']Pretty obvious stoner, jordan shorts, nikes, fitted hats. Eyes usually red :smoke:[/quote]

    Ya seem like a balla stoner lol
  15. i guess i'm the stony type of stoner.
  16. :rolleyes:
  17. I'm just me.

    I am weird as fuck and, depending on how I feel on a certain day, I like different shit. I'm pretty smart, but I underutilize it. I love making people laugh.

    Oh yeah, and I listen to just about anything... except country. I don't fancy myself a country girl, it just pisses me off.
  18. intellectual stoner. also a bit of an indie stoner. i guess i can't really pin-point it

  19. unsuspected stoner.. that's a great way to put it. i also like to hike and cook along with visiting museums, seeing jazz shows, etc. (i guess i'm sort of a weird/nerdy/smart stoner haha)
  20. Philosophical stoner.. forever trying to define the first cause in everything

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