what type of pipe would you suggest?

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  1. I've been smoking blunts ever since i learned how to roll them nicely lol i use to use a glass pipe because i could never roll a blunt properly. Now my bestfriend insists that i should go back to using a piece to save bud, get higher, and convenience! My question is should i go with a one hitter, metal pipe, or glass pipe ? and why...
  2. a glass pipe or glass one hitter. one hitter is small and conservative but ashes in ur mouth more often than most, and a glass pipe / spoon is normally a bigger bowl and has a carb and just buy a bong or a bubbler for a bit of water filtration because i say so. peace im baked :smoke:
  3. Dude if your really into wanting to buy a pipe or a device similar i say a 4inch sherlock will do you mighty fine. It has a bit of water filtration which is always a bonus plus it keeps the ashes out of your mouth if you choose not to use a screen. They should cost around 20 bucks maybe i got mine for 15 though.
    Just my opinion dude. Stay lifted :smoke:
  4. you can go to this site I found earlier called like.. gogopipes or something. Looks like quality glass for cheap, heard nothing but good stuff about them.

    A glass chillum/spoon/etc will do you good. A MFLB is great for on the go and conserving weed, as well as stealth. I own one just for the stealth, getting high with a soda cup and a foot long whip for a straw has never been so convenient. xD For smoke session or at home smoking a water pipe of some sort will do you well. I had a roor which was cool until it broke, so now I have a steamroller w/ a water basin.

    All in all, good choices. Your LHS (local head shop) will have some glass pieces you can take a look at. And Hempfest is more like glassfest, take a peak there.
  5. Spoon pipes are great for carrying around, just get something with a nice carb around 4 inches long. The carb should be big enough that you can easily clear the pipe, but not so big that when you let go of the carb that the cherry goes totally out, you want it to glow just a lil bit even when you carb it ;) Glass is a great way to use your herb efficiently. Bubblers are cool and all but if you're on the go a nice quality spoon is the best imo. J's are nice, they waste some of the weed, and I worry about them breaking.. so spoons all the way for me. Bongs are nice, but you can't carry a big ol' bong around all the time lol. Last bit of advice, don't use metal pipes. Harsh and hot as hell imo. Just a nice glass pipe. (typically i use no screen, but if you're in a pinch because you've got some really shakey ground up weed, just tear a tiny tiny piece of rolling paper and stick that on top of your pipe hole. that'll stop you from getting ashed.

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