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what type of piece should i get

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tambo123, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. when i say piece it doesnt mean it has to be a pipe but what i want is something better than a standard piece that is non water filtered, preferably but doesnt have to be glass, is capable of big rips, and is $50 or under. i was thinking about getting an incredibowl m420 but its 80 dollars at my head shop. is there any other kind of piece that is like a downgrade of an incredibowl like some kind of spring loaded steam roller
  2. Well, I'm a big pipe fan, so I'm going to have to say go with a $50 pipe.
  3. Go with water filtration or a cheap vapor bros style imitation vape. Wont go wrong!
  4. i do live vaporizers but i already have a mflb and dont want water filtration. ive decided i want a steam roller but i was wondering if theres anything special i can gte rather than a standard steamroller, some thing with attatchments or a perc like this one [ame=]Double Perc Steam Roller - YouTube[/ame] also a what does a carbon filter do.

    btw i wouldnt mind spending more than 50 but only if it was something really sick
  5. Get a nice 20 dollar piece, and a cheap bubbler. That or buy a cheap straight shot bong.
  6. Fucking sherlock man. All day errday:)
  7. Btw man a steamroller is a dry pipe w/ no water filtration...a water pipe uses percs and water filtration :p. To be honest youll have a hard time gettin sknething really sick under 300, but the GC store can get you a decent imitation for under 100$.

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