What type of person do you think...

Discussion in 'General' started by hyerr, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Of yourself as?...

    I always was the kid that didn't discriminate groups.
    I chilled with everybody! :D
  2. I'm a know it all.
  3. I'm an ok dude.
    Straight shooter.
  4. i joke around alot make everyone laugh till the point they are outa air an almost drop the bong (my bong not urs mine lol) but searysly its my bong
  5. :hello:
  6. lol hope that is a nice clapping jestor not a mean one =]
  7. mysterious tall guy who is chill as fuck.
  8. Ehhh...

    fuck it... I'm just a stoner.
  9. the dude that was dead inside since age 14
  10. lay it how it is, chill and relaxed
  11. The funny, laid-back and relaxed stoner.

  12. based off your username? pass that shit bro

  13. The stoned type, I make jokes, The funny drunk

    I say the funniest shit drunk

    I think i am laid back, chilled out and mind my own shit...and a somewhat family person

    People Like me I guess :smoke::rolleyes::cool:

  14. [​IMG]


  15. holy shit! hahahaha right on broski.
    :smoke::smoke: *passes back*

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