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What type of people do you HATE to smoke with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheGreenParty, May 18, 2011.

  1. People who try to decide everything during a sesh. like where you sesh..out of waht etc. etc. and the worst part is when they dont pitch or anything!

    Like fuck dont you hate these kind of people or when people act like this? People who are so picky and try to decided everything when they are not even contributing anything towards a sesh or a bong, etc. etc.:rolleyes:
  2. cool story.
  3. your "friend" is a dick. a sesh is a sesh. a bong is a bong. Some are better then others, all get the job done.
  4. lol at deleting ur nerdy convo lmao!
  5. people that cant handle their shit piss me off and people that say they can roll and then they roll a shitty blunt piss me off
  6. lol i accidently deleted the convo
  7. hate smoking with people i don't like when not smoking, really
  8. i smoke with cool ppl so it doesnt matter to me...
  9. For those who didn't read the convo. I am buying a bong tomorrow and my friend wants me to buy a glass bong but I dont want to spend a-lot of money on a bong so I want to buy an acryllic chills straight shooter for $25...He kept bitching being all like "nobody is gonna bun with you" "im never gonna sesh with you cuz that bong is so shit" and shit jus pissing me off.

    and for those wondering, here is the bong i wanna buy

    the bottom row, the green one in the middle beside the purple one
  10. acrylic is just as effective as glass, it just harder to clean...especially if you smoke out of it everyday
  11. Laugh at your friend and be content that there will be more weed for you :devious:

    Seriously, what the hell are we coming to if people won't smoke with others, merely over the smoking apparatus they use.
  12. I hate smoking with a lot of other girls, especially if they seem bitchy, or when it's a whole group of them that know each other. I feel more like they're ridiculing me than anything. With that said, the chill girls that I know are probably my most valued smoking partners.
    I don't like smoking with anyone who gets too into conspiracies when they're high. I don't care who did or did not cause 9/11, shut up and let me eat these fries.
    "Are you high? omg i'm so high are you high? omg omg" - People like this or anyone who asks me a lot of really pointless questions that distract me from thoughts and tasks
    And of course, the person who suggests ordering a pizza then refuses to chip in for it

    I love being out of College dorms now. My place is the most common smoking spot, so I have more control over the circle. It's wonderful
  13. lol, know that feeling, bro (; D)
    used to smoke with tons of people,
    and nearly everytime that would smoke with girls/young females,
    would get the vibes like "hey this guys creep, let's dip after these bowls" haha
    didn't care much @ the time cos was committed to someone and not looking at all, but
    when you are 'kinda looking', it's not good feelings : /
    still don't give a fuck though,
    don't smoke with many either.
    turn em down man, try, "go get your own fucking illegal shit bitches"
    that works : )

  14. This one friend of mine usually brings them around, and whether or not they're ridiculing me, they usually seem to be making fun of him. To be fair, this guy is rather "creep" but he's a great guy and if I can help him try to find a girl by rolling a nice joint, I'm usually down, even though most of them are sending me horrible vibes.
    I hate watching him get used for weed and entertainment but he doesn't listen to me when I try to tell him what's up... I'm a girl, I've watched this stuff happen since middle school. Picking a guy to lead on and make fun of is a pastime of some chicks... I thought they'd be over it after high school, but nah.
    Bitches gonna bitch, whatever
  15. I hate smoking with people who get really wild and sketchy.
  16. haha, called you a bro

    yeaah, nice wordage, can't buy eloquence
    8 )

  17. Everyone on here calls me a bro haha I'd rather have that than feel that I'm needlessly flaunting my gender around everywhere. Girls are well received in teh city, but elsewhere on the internet? nahh

    Yeah! :smoke:
  18. yeaaaaah brah!
    lol : p
  19. I hate when people get TOO mellow though. Like when there are 2 other people baked as hell with you. But their so damn quiet it's like you're in the room by yourself.
  20. group meditate much?

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