What type of lighting?

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    I am looking to do my first grow, and I will start out small (only a few sq. feet). I am planning on doing scrog (is this too hard for a first grow?) but I do not know which type of lighting to use. I am on a small budget but maybe I can afford a small wattage HPS system. Would LED be good for scrog? And if scrog is too advanced for me, would CFL be good for a SOG or other small grow?

    EDIT: Sorry if this belongs in the absolute beginners section.
  2. only problem with scrog is if you're using seed and not clones.
  3. I know, I would have to start a "mom" from seed then make sure its a female then make the clones for scrogging.
  4. really? no answers about lighting? what i meant to also ask is can I use CFL's the whole grow? Or would I have to change to HPS or something for flowering.
  5. 250w hps for be good for a small first time

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