What type of lighter would you reccomend.

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  1. I recently purchased a bubbler for my first piece and I'm having a little trouble with it. See, I have limited use of my right hand, meaning I can hold light objects but I can't really use my fingers. So managing a heavy glass bubbler and lighter with one hand is quite difficult, What I do now is hold the bubbler and use the carb with my left hand, and hold a zippo that I had previously lit in my other hand. But zippos are hard to manage with my piece. Basically, what I'm asking is, are there any other lighters that I can light, and then hold in my other hand without pressing any buttons or anything for them to stay lit?

  2. I had a torch lighter that required a simple, very easy to press, 'click' to activate. As long as you held it away from the bowl it worked fine, if you held it too close it would immediate incinerate the herb and make it taste like ass. They have them at Walgreens, they are silver or gold and the flame comes out at an angle, not directly out of the top like a conventional lighter.
  3. get that beeswax hemp string stuff
  4. Combine this with a lit candle and you're set. Brand name is beeline.
  5. keep it real: matches
  6. A Zippo lighter stays light after you light it and is refillable. Life time warranty too :smoking:
  7. I've never used this before but look into Beeline. It's a type of waxed covered rope that you light the end of it and you hold it over the bowl and you won't inhale nasty butane and it's simple to use. To put it out you just pinch the flame or shake it out. Look at some videos on youtube. For your convenience I'll post one below. They can also be called Hemp Wicks which is just a different company.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDtIXZuhD7k]YouTube - How To Use The I-TAL Hemp Wick[/ame]
  8. use hemp wick because it lights like a zippo and stays lit till you put it out and it is a lot lighter and easier to move around with it
  9. Did that video make me watch the same thing like three times or am i trippin'?

  10. you be trippin...
  11. The Hempwick is definitely the best option, it's made out of Cannabis (usually ruderalis) and there is no butane burn from your hit!

  12. haha dude I was thinking the same thing when I was posting it. I guess its him hitting 3 different times with the same instructions.
  13. Beeline hemp string.
  14. I just found a free sample of hemp wick online.

    I'll stick with my lighter and occasionally sunlight.

    That would make a completely different video.
  15. [​IMG]

    Try to get some beeline on aqualab. $15 for 200 feet. Will last you years.

    Oh and never, and I mean never use matches to light a bowl. Anyone who tells you matches are safer than lighters because they don't emit butane, totally wrong, you inhale sulfur with matches which is 10000000 times worse.

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