what type of lighter do you use?

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    just curiouse what kind of lighters do you use? i use a bic or djeep normally but i really like Colibri lighter company they make one hell of a bong hitting lighter vector is shit compared to these iv been through so many torches and this one is the best.

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  2. ZIPPO! be a boss! :SMOKE:
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  3. None, self igniting torch and a heat wand.

    Butanes bad kaykay.
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    I'm missing a few
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  5. clipper medlighter. always filled with isobutane so there's no gross taste
  6. I have this old torch lighter i use to light my hemp wick
  7. bics and a zippo
  8. Like zippos with wick or crazy bics of awesome. Or crack lighters
  9. [​IMG]



    heat that Ti baby!
  10. this. and wick if on the go
  11. An old Noco Djeep
  12. [quote name='"Clidefr0g"'][/quote]

    That is a crazy sick zippo!
  13. i use ziipos cause ima classy fuck
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  14. Pibk or brown bics
  15. Regular sized Bics with the safety taken off
  16. Teglar Bics (but not white ones).

    BTW, do any of you know of a lighter that can light a bowl while in a convertible with the top down?
  17. real zippo? (really real? or are you not sure if its fake-real or real-real? [​IMG])

    either way, its nice [​IMG]
  18. Any lighter that works will do dude

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