What type of jet lighter do you use?

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  1. K so about 8 months ago i bought myself this jet lighter off the net, i lost it a while ago and recently ordered a new one on account that my first one worked so well. When i finally recieved my replacement, it BARELY worked. Im afraid to buy another jet lighter off the net because I dont wanna get another dud, Is there any jet lighter u blades swear by or possibly reccommend?

  2. i got a WL Lenk LPT-200, got it on amazon, i like it.
  3. the waterbeds and stuff around here had one, even though i already had one ( i went in there to get butane) i bought another one thinkin, hey ill just get a new one, same price as the butane. it only worked for like 2 days, needless to say i was pissed, but it had a bright as LED light on it so it was all good.
  4. I use some cheap metal flip jet lighters I got at walmart for 2 or 3 bucks. They are refillable as well.
  5. I just use a $2 flip jet lighter from the corner store. I don't even think the casing is metal, but it works fine. I'm not sure if they're refillable or not but since they're so cheap I just get a new one once it runs out. My only peeve is that they run out fairly quickly.
  6. i bought one of of EDIT that looks very similar to yours, it was like 8 bucks and it works great. sturdy construction and easy use. not the best torch in the world, but it was 8 bucks.
  7. Bernzomatic Micro Torch 6 tips kit.

    That pic has the soldering iron tip attached. Without anything attached, it's a pocket torch.
  8. i have that bernzomatic.

    ordered a Lotus L2200 for $60 and it should be arriving this monday. i've only heard good things about it.
  9. Just go to the local cig store. they got shitloads of em and you can try em all to find the one you like best.
  10. Xikar Executive, $20, lifetime warranty. Metal casing, very heavy, have dropped it several times and it's totally fine. Looks nice too.
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    I use a regular bic. Why do you guys use these jet lighters they sound like they use butane quickly, are they wind resistant or some thing?
  12. I like to use a tripple torch. Yes, they burn butane relativly fast but its cheep anyway. I like them because the flame is stiff like a mini light saber and you can wave the flame past the ganja without actually touching it like you would with a hakko wand and light it in the fashon of the ladder.
  13. Ok thank you. They sound a lot better then using a bic. Do they put out a lot of butane for example I found a wind proof lighter it my garage and it just spewed butane when I lit it, or are they like a bic with a faint butane taste while smoking?
  14. any bic.......thats it haha
  15. i would say either xikar or calibri or zippo blu. but i dont know if the calibris still get lifetime warranty

  16. 2 words, ronson jetlite. They are inexpensive, reliable, and pretty cool last for years with some care.
  17. ive never heard of a ronson jetlite before. i work at a smoke shop so i order alotta that shit... but i havent ever seen it in any of my catalogs tho.... ima check into for my customers tho.... cuz xikar is the cheapest i get and i sell em for like 20.... calibris are hella expensive. does the ronson have a lifetime warranty? i dont sell the cheap plastic jets tho.... everyone bitches they dont work good enough. i just got forced out some company brand jet lighters made for us by vertigo.... kinda curious bout em but havent even opened the box yet. i found tho alotta the diff between lighters is not the lighter itself but the butane used in it. alotta that shit is dirty as shit. i reccomend 4x-5x refined.

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