What type of HPS wattage should I use?

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  1. I'm getting my grow room ready but I'm not sure what type of wattage to use for the whole grow cycle. I'm either gonna use a 150W or 400W. This is my first time growing but what's the best wattage I should use?

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  2. If you cant go 600w go 400, bulbs are cheap and available at any big box store like lowes, homedepot.

    All this depends on your grow area of course
  3. How big is your space?
    What kind of ventilation will you have?
    How many plants are you planning to grow?
    We need a bit more info.
  4. Higher the wattage better results.
    If you can afford it get a 600watt

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    Can this be moved to Grow room setup or somethin? Wats it doin in RLS
  6. I was gonna get this grow tent ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414335137.307590.jpg

    And store it in my basement, then I would just buy a fan with an intake and exhaust

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  7. I'm just planning on growing one for now then the next grow its gonna be 2

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  8. I made one in there a half hour ago cuz I didn't know there was a forum for that type of stuff

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    You are going to be charged by the electric company the same $ per kilowatt whether you grow 1 or 5. Might as well grow at least 3. More ganja for the $$$$$. Just saying'. Go with a 600w HPS. if you can. That's the wattage I use and it does a great job.

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