what type of headphones did you use?

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  1. just curious what type of headphones you prefer to listen to music on. I'm listening to some jams with bose oe2's right now.
  2. awesome. I just wish there was a way to qualitatively compare headphones. As opposed to mostly looking at reviews.
  3. klipsch s4.

  4. its all about the koss, best customer service u could ever ask for, great high quality studio headphones. ive got a few old school pairs as well.
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    if they ever break, free repairs, lifetime, no questions asked. ive bought old koss headphones at a garage sale and got em repaired for a free. 200 dollar headphones for 10 bucks, chillzone
  5. Any earbuds (not inner-ear ones). All my headphones break/stop working within 3 months, so the most I spend on each pair is $10.
  6. Used to rock Sennheiser CX300 II's, but I've been through two pairs and I stopped bothering with them. Now I just use the shitty iPod ones.

    I once owned Monster Turbines but I like the Senn's much better. I don't know who decided to make the Turbines out of straight metal, but they always fall out of your ear due to that.
  7. i got some Sennheiser hdr 180's. They are fucking awesome ! they are wireless too, which means i got go outside and smoke a joint and still wear them :) they have a flat rate response too which is very much needed as i am a make quite a lot of music myself :)

    oh and to zizzy, your headphones break every 3 months because you only spend $10 on them, my headphones where £100 which is like ~$140 and they have lasted me a year and a half now of constant use :)
  8. I just bought a pair of Subjekt DJ headphones. They aren't bad, I like the looks of them and they were inexpensive.
  9. Spent about $60 on some Sennheiser 205's. Noise canceling headphones are worthless for music production/djing. As are anything by Dre. Anything.
  10. A modded pair of 555's.


  11. I agree on everything you just said. Noise cancelling is stupid because i produce in a room, with no ther sounds. And when you buy Dre beats, Dr Dre's name puts like 70 on the price, and monster put another 70 on the price. Sennheiser are the way to go whether you want production orientated headphones, Dj headphones or just listening headphones.
  12. Denon Dn-hp700 or something like that. best 90 bucks I ever spent

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