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what type of hash to make?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by be happy 410, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. im just tryna make a lil hash or something cool to smoke, im trying to make it out of 4g's of straight schwag and about 6 g's of stems. any suggestions?
  2. with that small of an amount i'd use the kwiso method. it's very fast and effective.
    made my first couple batches ever just a week ago, great time.
  3. yeah thats what i was thinking how much do you think that will make?
  4. g or 2 depending on how schwag ur schwag is
  5. Use qwiso, it'll probably make a little less than a g
  6. yeah thats what im gonna doo so i..
    put 91% or more iso alcohol in a glass jar with the bud and stems
    shake for 30 seconds
    pour through a coffee filter
    let evaporate

    is that basically it
  7. That is basically it:smoke:
  8. Thats it man.

    But here is a tip,
    take two colanders(thing you strain noodles with)
    and put the coffee filter in between them.

    This will make your draining time faster,
    and your plant material wont be the alcohol so long.
    making the quality much better.
  9. redsmiley has the right idea, if you use 2 strainers with coffee filters you can get some good stuff. i personally put the pan with alcohol in it on low heat until its almost dry, then just let the rest dry by itself. wait until it is COMPLETELY dry, then wait another hour (just to be sure) then scrape it.
  10. Heat is never really recommended,
    i personally just put a fan on it,
    alcohol evaporates pretty fast in a pan.

    When you think its dry,
    wait a little longer,
    smoking wet qwiso is no good.
  11. thanks guys, and is it gonna stink up the room with alcohol if its infront of a window fan shooting out?
  12. Your still going to smell it,
    just open the window all the way,
    and remove the screen if you can.

    I like doing it in the garage best, with the garage door cracked a bit.

    And make sure your using a flat GLASS pan.
    The bigger the surface area,
    the faster its going to evaporate,
    and the easier its going to be to scrape.

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