What type of filters are the best in terms of healthiness

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    I started with weed, have been smoking tobacco for years.
    At the moment i am using those cotton filters you can get everywhere when rolling tobacco.
    Smoking was fine but after and days later i still noticed pain in throat, which i havnt recieved from smoking tobacco.

    I dont care a lot if the strength is reduced but are there better filters for less damage to my throat ? / More healthier alternatives ?
  2. Edibles, Concentrates. More stone per inhale and far less plant material.

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  3. Thanks for your answer.
    May you also can tell me which would be the best filter ? I cant get Edibles, Concentrates.
  4. If I remember the studies from decades ago Filters actually do very little only capturing the planetary size particles of tar. Stop smoking Tobacco. It's killing you.
    Tobacco = Death
    Cannabis = Life

    Enough studies are in that show smoking pure Cannabis has very little effect on lung tissue compared to the lungs of Tobacco smokers.


    Try a single hose Hookah rather then a bong. Gives the same smooth water pipe effects but it is far more controllable in my opinion. You will get accustomed to the smoke in time.

    Making edibles is dead easy only requiring an oven of any type. Hell it can be done on a burner for that matter.


    Take a pinky fingernail of Bud. (50 milligrams of THC)
    Decarboxylate (Roast in oven 240 F for 40 minutes).
    Grind to dust.
    Mix dust with just enough butter or cooking oil to make paste.
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Cut into 4 pieces
    Eat one
    Wait 2 full hours
    If not stoned
    Eat a 2nd piece
    Wait 2 additional hours
    If not stoned
    Eat the rest.


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