What type of dog should I get?

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  1. Well I'm thinking about getting a dog, just wanted some advice on breeds that are specific for my wants. As of now, Im thinking of getting a bullmastiff.

    I want a medium to big dog that is fun to be around, can guard my house, and one which does not need too much exercise. Also I want a dog that doesnt shed a lot either, dont want to be cleaning everyday and stuff..

    So, what are some other options? I wanted a rotty, doberman or sheppard but Ive heard they arent good for first timers. Thanks!
  2. i have a beagle and  a basset hound. basset is more alert. a chill dog. sweet. not agresive looking
  3. Any dog will need a decent amount of exercise daily or at least every other day.
    Honestly, you can get any dog you want.  Just do your research first and really learn how to understand their behavior and how to train them.
  4. Get a pit bull

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  5. I have an irish red setter. Very loyal friendly dogs and never aggressive. They are more of a posh (upper class) dog, and everytime i walk my red setter everyone i walk past (i mean just about everyone) looks at him smiling and point. Everyone always wants to pat him and ask what breed he is and how amazed they are of his size. Im not trying to brag but he is a very good chick magnet. But if you are after a guard dog this is not the right way to go. He will surely bark and growl at any intruder of if he is unsure but do not expect him to win in a fight even though he is big he is just lanky and his long hair makes him an easy target in a fight, he got beat up by a puppy basset hound that was half the size of his foot. He doesnt really shred hair i have noticed but he will get knots and we have brang him to a groomer once to get a trim thats it. But on the down side he is pretty energetic and does require walks often as do most dogs. 
    Maybe look at something like a Labrador or rottweiler just make sure to train it when its a puppy. Hope this helps friend.  
  6. I want a Labrador retriever
    Loyal like a Labrador, playful like a golden retriever

    Loves the outdoors, loves to swim and hike. Doesn't mind chilling around and snuggling as well.
  7. Go to the SPCA and rescue a dog.....
  8. Labrador definitely. It's about the right size, they hardly shed any fur. I grew up with a few of them and they've always been extremely friendly playful dogs. Couldn't recommend them more!
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    If you want something that doesn't shed a lot, Shepherds are definitely out. They're great dogs but you'll get fur everywhere. I would suggest an APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) or something in that line. They're protective of their home and owners, but also extremely playful, goofy, smart, and loyal. They do need exercise like any dog, but if you can just take them out and play ball for a bit or walk them regularly, they'll be fine. Be careful though, don't let someone convince you that the short, squat, hippo-like dogs are "Pits" - those are American Bullies. 
    As for the bull mastiff, they would fit your criteria. They don't need a ton of exercise, and they do well in apartments and indoors because they're "inactive" inside. Just give them a little exercise, like mentioned above, and they'll do alright. But also they come with some common health issues such as hip dysplasia, tumors, cancers, and they gain weight really easily. 
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    Get an American Bully
  11. Don't hate on bullies.
    I'm not hating on bullies, I'm hating on people who try to pass them off as purebred APBTs. 
  13. Well if anyone tried to pass a nice looking bully off as a pitbull they wouldn't make much money.
    Bully bloodlines are what the cash is in, Dax.. Juan Gotti.. Omen.. so many big names and pure blood people are usually proud of their pedigree because it shows they have a legitimate Bully.
    People with no papers for their bully might say it's a pit, since if you can't prove that your dogs not a pitbull x bulldog cross -  like some of these backyard breeders to to try and make the dog shorter and squattier - just try to pass it off as a pitbull.
    But if you visit BullyPedia.com I think you'll have some newfound respect for Bullies. I mean I know they're a newer breed but all breeds gotta start somewhere.
    Oh I definitely agree, Bullies aren't really my thing but I'm not too arrogant to admit that they can be a good looking breed when bred correctly. I never really understand why most APBT and other bully breed owners talk down on American Bullies, because like you said, they have to start somewhere and trash-talking them just because they're not your cup of tea is so stupid. I have respect for people who breed Bullies as long as they're health tested and things are done correctly, just like with every other breed. ^_^
  15. Boxer ftw


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  16. Boxer. They are big kids, heaps of fun, very loyal, you will never get bored, really funny dogs, these dogs act like humans lol.
    Miss my Boxer, been over 2 years since he passed, so hard loosing them, in a way harder than loosing a person.
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    Labs are great dogs. Always wanted a samoyed but all that hair.. meh. Just make sure it's big enough to fetch beer from the fridge.
  18. Awesome! :) Pits are always gonna be #1 in my heart though!
  19. German Shepherds all fucking day.
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