What type of dog should i get. What type of dog do u have?

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    Hey man Chihuahua's aren't vicious or angry at all.  They are the sweetest.  That vicious thing is just a myth.  
    And whats with all the hate about small dogs?  They aren't annoying at all, and they are great cuddle buddies.  Not everyone needs a dog for protection, maybe some people just want a companion ?  

  2. ahahah that def is not a myth. many of my homies have chiuauas. ive seen chiuauas alot. my sister has one. i had one as a kid. there all bipolar and crazy. they love u one miunute nd bite u the next.
  3. That is a myth dude.  Dogs will treat you how you treat them.  I have one chihuaua and have been around over 5 from family members.  None are angry at all. 
  4. ahahahi guess its a myth to u. not all chiuauas are crazy obviously. but most are. ig uess ive been unlucky nd uve been lucky. either way i dont like chiuauas. 
    You should get the dog you want to get. Getting the same breed is never a bad idea.  I highly recommend getting a pure bred. A yorkshire terror is also a cute, mega-acive dog. I think most small sized dogs are active. :)
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    my issue with yorkies nd silkys is there super active. i dont mind one. cuz he gets bored nd clams down. but with 2 i think theyll just go crazy together be ruinning around 24/7. i might just edn up getting another silky though. i personally like silkys more then yorkies just becuase yorkeis are a bit tiny. there to fragile. even though  my silkys big for his breed. hes 15 pounds. ive also seen silkys that are 8 pounds but the norm for them is around 10-12. i was gonna start looking but havent had time. just bought a new car nd started making a drift build out of it. ima prolyl end up buying another silky. 
    im also def gonna go purebred. 
  7. huskies, golden retrvrs, labs, rottweilers, Bernese dogs,
    Need a yard tho and very active. Smartest dogs tho.
  8. bedlinton terrier . looks of a lamb heart of a lion . smart and loyal easy to train ..
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    I have a liking for greyhounds (they are kinda like me, lazy most of the time, but whenever active, they full on sprint in which i do myself).... I also like poodles (even thought might be a bit of a smartass, its amuse me)
  10. you should get a goat and name it dog.
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    I have a shitcockpoo, which is awesome just by itself because come on. "Aww cute! What kind of dog is she?" "Shitcockpoo." "What?!"

    She's adorable. Super friendly, doesn't shed, fur always feels nice and soft, smells good, loves people. Well, except kids; they're usually too rough with her, and she doesn't like that. She'll run around with them and play with them and stuff, but she usually won't let them pick her up until they prove they're not gonna mess with her. Never bites or growls, though, just dodges.

    Going running with her is awesome, and she's a total chick magnet.

    Lot of my friends don't usually like small dogs, but they dig her for some reason and let her sit on their laps and stuff, which is chill.
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    mixed breeds are the best and way more healthy! thats probably why
  13. Cooper

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