What type of dog should i get. What type of dog do u have?

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  1. What up. Ive already got a silky terrier. i got him from the pound when he was 6 months old hes 2 now. i was lucky to find him since hes purebred(not really since silkys are yorkie and austrailian terriers) nd a fairly expensive type of dog. hes a g tho. fought a racoon nd killed it. i wanna get em a friend i dont wanna take em to the dog park just cuz ive herd alot of dogs have diseases but he always wants to play with dogs. hes filled with energy. i wanna get another dog. another small dog. i was thinking of getting another silky terrier but i hvae a feeling theyll just run around together nd look for trouble. price really doesnt matter to me. as long as its 1k or below. i just dont kno what type of dog to get. i went to the pound i dont want a chiuaua cuz htey get angry so fast nd are vicous hes really nice unless he has to defend himself. and i really dont want a mixed dog. ive had a few nd had bad experiences with all of em. what wud be a good friend for em


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  2. Dogs suck. You get all attached and forget everything passes eventually ..Just waitin for the day to come lol , but I have a massive blue nose American pit bull terrier , and it's more bull dog dominate. And a red nose American pit bull more on the terrier side,, love hem to deathSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. Oh btw, pit bulls are all very sweet and protective companions , good at making friends as we'll lol. Just have to get passed the initial territorial defenseSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. dont get a spanish chihuahua, or any kind of chihuahua, they are the devil
  5. Cocker spaniel.. We have 2 and I love them.
  6. ahah fuck that. ythe homie has one. its bipolar. loves u one min. bites u the next. u cant even play with it cuz it thinks ur attacking it. fuck a chiuaua. seems like its the only purebred dogs they have at the pound. i was lucky to get the silky.
  7. i odnt want a huge dog. they get in the way to much. i kno there really goood dogs tho
  8. to big. i want a small dog
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    Small dogs realllyyyy annoy me... but If I had to get one I would get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They're usually nice, level- emotion dogs. Always adopt!! Not only will you save $$ you will also save a life :) My pound mutts are the best dogs in town. 
    edit: with the ckc spaniel, be prepared for some extra grooming. I'm sure you're already used to that with your silky, though. 
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    Get a beagle, or some type of terrier
  11. Get an Australian cattle dog (blue heeler, red heeler). I fucking love those dogs.
  12. They are medium sized dogs too. Don't get small dogs they are just annoying and can't even defend you.
  13. I second the Cavalier King Charles, only have been around one but they are sweet and gentle, small too.
    The only dogs Ive had that attempted to bite strangers, were small dogs. :ey:
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    my mom has a cocka poo and shes literally the best dog ever, she loves everyone, pretty obedient and very easy to train and always soo damn happy haha her tail was docked so instead of wagging it she shakes her whole ass, shes so funny. great dog man. shes maah baby girl :)
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  16. i might just end up getting another silky terrrier
  17. i used to have a chow chow that hated everyone. nd bit everyone 
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    not all small dogs are annoying . sure as fuck kno my short haired silky terrier isnt annoying one bit. dogs like chiuauas annoying? yea but not smart dogs. my dogs the cutest thing in this wolrd hes the only thing ive called cute in my entire life. nd idont need my dog to defend even tho silky terriers are supposedly good guard dogs idk wtf hell do bite there ankles? ahahah. i dont get dogs to protect me. i have guns for that
  19. i might get a beagle they look pretty sick
  20. Yeah they just got deep ass howls so teach them not to do that early

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