What type of cigarettes should i buy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stevuhbabee, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. im craving a different type of cigarette right now i usually go with some good ole' ports but not today. So GC what type should i get?

  2. Camel menthol silvers.
  3. im not a smoker, but i sure love marlboro methols ;)
  4. Some marijuana cigarettes
  5. Buy the ones that get you addicted to nicotine.

  6. Now THATS what i want to smoke haha
  7. Black Djarum..


    Trust me... do it.
  8. I think i might have to go with the Marlboro Smooths
  9. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco


  10. This...but if you're used to smoking Newports, get the menthol kind. So nice. :smoke:
  11. Marb smooths or die. :wave:
  12. I doubt you like it when people get in your face about weed so why do you do that to cigarette smokers?
  13. I would suggest buying the only good cigarette out there, but Im sure you already have the good taste to smoke them now

  14. Sorry bro. I had to.
    be like the governor and a body builder
  15. Not from the US so I have no idea what brands you guys have, but I do like a menthol cig now and again. Though I'm trying to quit.Or at least cut down.

  16. Stoners are failures. Dont deny it
  17. Must be the kush

    im sooooo baked
    lulz, i won

  18. now there's a man that knows a good smoke :cool:
  19. Turkish Silvers.

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