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What type of cannabis do you smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I smoke skunk for a couple of reasons (regardless of the propaganda about it making you go crazy, in my country)

    - Its got a lot of THC
    - Its dense
    - Its much less likely to be laced than hash
    - My dealer only gets it

    Also does skunk make you crazy?
  2. I like how they seperated one bud and labeled it skunk like it was another form of cannabis lol, No skunk never makes anyone crazy.

    Are u a troll by any chance?
  3. Hehe do u live in Denmark? There have been isolated cases of psychosis and random onset schizophrenia following the use of skunk, but these extremely rare cases would likely have occurred with ANY kind of high-thc cannabis due to pre-existing mental disorders/predisposition to them. I personally enjoy sativa-dominant marijuana strains that leave me clearheaded and able to be productive/functional. Skunk is a bit heavy for me I reckon, not a big fan of indica dominant genetics.
  4. Haha nah man UK, Im not a troll haha btw whats the difference between weed and skunk though?
  5. There is none, Skunk is just a strain of weed. Like kush, Trainwreck, Ak47, then theres skunk.

    I dont know much about skunk, But i dont really understand how the rumors started lol... As if a particular strain is gonna turn a man crazy.
  6. I smoke all of the above. Cept for the bammer.

    And to answer your question, no skunk does not make you crazy. Lol :rolleyes:
  7. I heard you instantly go insane if you touch the skunk man.... Stay away from that DANGEROUS strain ;)
  8. I smoke the dankest of the dank.

    But be careful, marijuana is a very unstable and dangerous drug, who knows what could happen if you tried to use it even once! :rolleyes:
  9. Haha btw is kush in the dank/skunk section?
  10. Most people in the UK will use the word Skunk as a generic term for very potent weed, i.e. most of the dealers I have had will say they have "skunky weed" or "skunk" meaning powerfull weed/smelly weed.

    However there is a strain called Skunk, but mostly (uk anyway) its generic
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  12. kush is a strain..... skunk is a strain.... dank is a quality

    kush and skunk can be good, or bad.
  13. lol are fucking serious man? i didnt even think that fb page was real until i noticed i was signed in lol
  14. Yh skunk here means dank :L
  15. ^Yea ive heard of people just calling good weed skunk... Pisses me off, same thing as people saying kush when the strain isnt kush..

    People need to learn their shit.

    And that facebook link is funny as fuck lol "My daughter injected 4 whole marijuanas"
  16. Gee only like every other thread on GC is this very question
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