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    So I live in NYC but I go to school in upstate New York. This past summer I got into biking. I rode my dad;s old road bike, but its kinda falling apart, and I figure its just better if I buy a new bike. So here's my dilema, when I'm in NYC in the summer and during break (about 4 months a year), a road bike is prime for me because there aren't many hills, and when there are its not a big deal. But, when I'm up here at college, I need something that can take some steeeeep hills. I want to be able to have something geared so I wont show up to class all sweaty lol. So my question is, what type of bike should I buy? I was thinking a hybrid because its kind of the best of both worlds, but at the same time I really like the frame of a road bike with the high seat and all. Oh and when I'm at school, it factors out to being about only 4 months of riding becuase it snows like a bitch up here. Any specific brands or bike recommendations are welcome! I have never bought a bike so I need all the help I need. Also, lets say my budget is about 600 bucks.

    Any online store links would be cool too :hello::hello:

    Oh and also, I want to be able to put my bike on a trainer in the winter when its snowy outside.
  2. I think a road bike can handle the hills. Small gear in front, high gear in the back.

    If you want, you can get a motorized bike too.

    Trek bikes are pretty good, but for fitting and such, you should go to a bike shop and ask for some help. You're not going to get top notch bikes for $600, but Craigslist will have some good deals on bikes. Of course, those bikes could also be stolen, so beware.
  3. I don't know about trek bikes, they're pretty expensive. I should also mention that I do not want a fixed gear. Not my style
  4. I personally ride a road bike, and they are excellent on hills due to the extreme light weight. If you are using the bike more for transportation then I suggest a Hybrid. Gears for various elevation, and wider tires for various terrain.

  5. yea I was thinking about a hybrid, but I don't want to give up speed. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy a road bike. Are there any good brands in particular that I should check out?

  6. If anyone says fixed gear, they're an idiot. No way is anyone going to climb hills on a fixie... unless they are superman.

    If you want a new road bike, $600 might be enough for a decent bike. I do suggest you utilize Craigslist for some bikes. They might be used or whatever, but it wouldn't really matter on quality bikes. And, you might have some leftover money for sweet upgrades!
  7. The type of bike isn't really gonna determine the gearing you have. What's of more inportance on hills is the weight of the bike I guess. If you really feel the need, you can change the gearing of your casette or chainwheels after you get the bike. Still, I don't really think that's necessary. If I'm at the point where I'm in first gear going up a hill, I'm going slow as fuck I might as well be walking. Or maybe I'm high and just enjoying it. Either way, having low gears doesn't mean you need less energy to go up the hill. All variable speed transmissions are installed for the purpose of taking an input power source with a narrow speed range (your legs) and converting to an output with a high speed range to allow for the most efficient or powerful operation of the machine.

  8. okay you seem like you know what you're talking about lol. Do you know a good website where I can browse some good brands, or do you have any specific suggestions on which road bike I should get? I'm gonna check out craigslist, but I still want to see which options I have for a new bike.
  9. Nah, I can't say I do know any good websites. I just know about transmissions :D. Mechanical engineer here.
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    check giant cycles, specialized, redline, i would say cannondale, but they are spennndy, i personally ride a giant ocr-1, it weighs like 10 lbs max, i only have a single cog in the rear with a chain tensioner, i did away with all the gears, even living in seattle, i just mash those hills, good luck bro:hello:

  11. you ride a fixie?
  12. A lot of people do. It's all personal preference. Some people are in good enough shape where they can make it up hills with no problems at all on a Fixie, plus the lack of in-depth maintenance is fantastic. Still, it really seems like you want a Geared Road Bike, which is a great choice.

    You are at an excellent point right now to check out all the Bike Shops in your area for 2010 models that have just taken a significant drop in price, as most Bike makers have just released their 2011 stock. For instance, I've seen Trek 1.2's (still a very good road bike, despite being on the lower end of their scale) on sale for $500, as opposed to their new price of around $900. If you check the shops out soon, they won't run out of 2010 stock in your size.

    In my opinion, 2011 will have a lot to offer as far as bikes are concerned, as the manufacturers really underestimated the consumer market in 2010 and made far less bikes than they thought people would actually buy; they didn't take into consideration that less people have money to drive their cars to work every day and want a less expensive way to commute.

    Of course, you can always try Craigslist, as bikes are very easy to diagnose for problems, but it's always hit or miss. Make sure the serial numbers are in place and get the seller's information (at least document their address and copy the ad before purchasing) in case you end up floating down shit creek with a stolen bike.
  13. Local shops and craigslist. You'll find the best road bikes for the best prices there.
  14. [​IMG]

    Suzuki GSXR750 will do your job in the summer and the winter :)

    Oh, but your budget doesn't cut it...

    Just Kidding, Go to a bike shop ask for help or just get a hybrid/road.
  15. ride a bmx.

    or be a fixie/fixy douche.

    lol those bikes are stupid and are soo thin.

    bmx is dope, or if you want something bigger roll on a 24-26" bmx

    like this.




    for bmx good companies are Fit, We the people, Sunday!, Verde, Eastern.

    theres alot these days.
  16. the best bike is one that pedal's itself .

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