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What type is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dogman007, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. He said it was og kush but i am still learning how the different herbs look.


  2. smoke it and find out.
  3. You'll never learn what each strain looks like because it will vary grower to grower for the most part. Haze is the only strain I'm confident in identifying by sight.
  4. That is some (insert random strain name here). Just fucking with, no way to tell. If i had to guess strictly by looks alone i would guess it is mostly indica. Still really no way to tell.
  5. I doubt its OG Kush, a dealer just called it that. Doesn't look that bad though.
  6. I'd say that's not OG Kush, but who knows.
  7. Most dealers who make up bullshit names will label their deal with popular, often-heard names, like kush. Kush this, kush that. Which is dumb, because kush is mids but most kids don't know that because the rappers always talk about kush. Oh well.
  8. No way to tell really.

  9. Kush isn't mids if you get real Kush trust me.

  10. For the purpose of buying marijuana off of drug dealers for the sake of getting high, kush, which I perceive to be almost all indica, is more mids to me. If I was a medical patient who needed indica for any reason, you could probably pick up some dank kush in a pharmacy. But my dealer ain't my doctor, lols.
  11. How the fuck is kush mids? Mids are created by premature and poorly tended to crops... not the strain.

    Unless I have been confused for years, you certainly are. Kush is a subset of strains.
  12. Kush is mids ? Wrong.
  13. I guess we didn't get the memo about Kush being shit bud.
  14. Kush is Mids??? thats the most blasphemous thing i have ever heard!!!!!

  15. The dude is confused. If he labels kush as mids because of his experience well, sucks to be him lol.
  16. God, I want to neg rep him so bad lol. Kush... mids. Ugh.
  17. Either way it looks like good bud. Id rather smoke blue dream tho
  18. Probably not OG Kush, or anything for that matter, but who cares its weed.
  19. I miss the days where I could neg rep a bitch :devious:
  20. Well it taste well, kinda like a fuit mix. Also very heady and my eyes sink alot.

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