What TV Shows/Movies/Music do you enjoy when you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by 1oserboi, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Looking for some new things to enjoy after smoking some good shit :weed:
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  2. We have full sections dedicated to these topics. Take a look around some of those sub forums and I'm sure you'll get some ideas. But for right here all rolled up in one I'll give you one for each

    Show - Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Movie - Big Trouble in Little China
    Music - Eric Burdon & The Animals
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  3. Blood Drive
    People of Earth
    The Good Place
    The Expanse
    Dark Matter
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    The Strain

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  4. You're clearly a bot :laughing:
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    TV shows:
    Breaking bad
    Sons of anarchy
    Rick and Morty
    South park
    Family guy
    Trailer park boys

    Pretty much anything when I'm blasted :laughing:
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  6. I listen to local am talk radio and browse the Internet when I get high, these days. I guess I'm pretty boring.

    Spamming is the only problem that is not the Facebook page for the app itself and I can't find any other Facebook page that has been a problem for the past couple years.

    Burma shave.
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  7. Music: 60s and 70s hard rock.
    Shows: anything funny preferably futurama or the like.
    What's funny is watching tv on mute while blasting some tunes
  8. Everything just go with a flow when you have a joint in the hand and Breaking Bad on the tv. Terrarium tv android app actually have a great collection and that is I don't pay for Cable connections.
  9. Pickle and peanut.

    Yes it’s a kid show but it’s hilarious when you’re high. Actually not bad when sober either.
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  10. Super High Me is good. There’s also this movie called “Ripped”, it sucks when you’re sober but when you’re high, it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen.
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  11. The poughkeepsie tapes.
  12. music-indie
    tv shows- Fargo and always sunny
    movies- anything by the andersons.. (paul thomas anderson or wes anderson), lately I've also been rewatching all tarkovsky's movies and it's a mind fuck.
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  13. Show - almost any documentary
    Movie - pulp fiction or planet terror
    Music - classic rock

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  14. Jeopardy!
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  15. TV SHOWS-Futurama, Snowfall, Queen of the South.
    Movies- too many to name
    Music- I like all music.

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  16. Lucas Bros Moving Co on Hulu!
  17. How have I not seen a cheech and chong movie even mentioned yet?

    Highly disappointed with today's society lmao smh
    What's this world coming to?

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  18. Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    The Office US

    1. All these shows are my goto with smoke. I've been writing about streaming apps for quite some time now.
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  19. I’ve been getting stoned, watching SNL reruns, and listening to the Dead for over 25yrs. I do talk radio some too. It ain’t much of a life but I enjoy it.
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  20. Tv - seinfeld, rules of engagement and survivor

    Movies - harold and kumar or half baked

    Music - led zeppelin, the doors and hip hop.
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