what tv shows do you watch when baked

Discussion in 'General' started by oiunsauo, May 31, 2009.

  1. I watch a lot of shows like the history channel. I love watching stuff that is related to the universe or new technology. But lately I've been watching the real housewives of New Jersey. I always find it funny how rich people are really funny when they start getting mad at each other and argue. Since I was little I thought that rich people were special humans but I was wrong.
  2. new jersey has no real housewives.

    trailer park wives maybe.
  3. i love getting stoned and watching The andy griffith show
  4. WEEDS.

    god damn i need to change my sig back to weeds. before the new season starts. yeahhh!:smoking:
  5. Stick on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or some bomb ass episodes of "That 70's Show".

    I'll stare at that shit for hours.
  6. I love that 70s show man, same with friends. Doesn't matter how many times I've seen the episodes, its always a good watch.
  7. south park, family guy, the office, planet earth (planet earth + HD = win)
  8. i loved getting baked and watching tv land someone already said any griffith the beverly hill billys and good times are the shit also pretty sweet when the sci fi channels plays marathons of the twilight zone they got it on late nights sometime to :smoking:
  9. entourage, discovery channel, hells kitchen (lol) i only hav basic cable so im missing out on alot of shows on like comedy central, etc
  10. I like watchin the ufc reruns they be showing and if im with my girl she be putting it on the cookin channel.. lol
  11. Breaking Bad is awesome to watch stoned...and Home Movies too...
  12. Some of my fav things to watch are:
    anything nature or science themed
    science fiction like battlestar galactica
    LOVE True Blood, both sober and stoned :) Pretty much any HBO show actually
    Dexter & Weeds

    Things I can't watch after smoking:
    anything where an animal dies....I cry like a little girl LOL
    most comedy - love it normally but when i'm high it's mostly not funny
  13. Family guy ftw.

    Oh, and discovery channel
  14. Definitely family guy.

    I like the simpsons a lot better as a show, but when I'm stoned I can't follow plot for shit so I feel bad about missing all the subtleties in the simpsons.

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