What Tv service should i get?

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    I had cable you know 2 - 60 and that was good enough but now all i get is 2 - 20 then some of the 20's 30- 38 40 then 50 and 61

    It sucks.

    Anyway i want something with movies and maybe fuel b/c i love that station... Im not exactly loaded over here so price is also a factor..

    Anyway what do you have and how do you like it?
  2. well, it depends where you live. not everybody has the same cable channels and cable providers.

    check out the websites of your local cable providers.
  3. I dumped my cable TV about 5 months ago to save the $100 a month after being a tv junkie. It gets a little boring sometimes but you'd be surprised how much you don't really miss it. Well, I do miss my beloved ESPN but it's all about sacrifices, heh.

    that being said, never get Time Warner Cable
  4. Verizon FIOS. No questions about it.
  5. FIOS is very iffy at least at the moment depending on location...

    some places its very awesome and fast (in terms of internet0
    other places its worse than dial up or just not available
  6. I was told that the bill changes every month and their customer service is nonexistent.
  7. dish. They Mean Business. seriously tho they do.:smoking::smoking:
  8. We have AT&T Uverse with FiOS, It's really good for downstream but upstream is terrible. The Uverse thing aint so bad actually. I get all the channels I want (BBC, Comedy Central, History, Fuse) and so doe's my fiancee.
  9. Comcast. Dish sucks, if it even looks like it might rain the cable goes out.
  10. yeah whatever you do, say no to dish.
  11. I dont know man. Dish has DVR and i dont know if i could go back to just watching tv shows when they are suppose to be on.
  12. If you enjoy sports even a little bit, get a dish.

    Comcast sucks. I've had them the last 6 years, and I've hated it. I'd be willing to bet that my service has gone out more often than any satelliete user's has, and since I have the triple threat, that means no TV, phone, or internet :(
  13. Comcast Digital Cable.Simplest setup and better than satellite

  14. Really? My cable has never gone out. I like comcast so far.
  15. I envy you.
  16. I'll toss this out there - we've had a directv dish for ten years probably and it's never just randomly gone out when it rains.
  17. Get the service where your favorite actress is required to come over to your place and mercilessly fuck your brains out. That's totally the one I got and it's pretty awesome.
  18. this ^^
  19. ive had comcast digital for a while and i cant even remember the last time it went out

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