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  1. I have 37$ left after i buy a rig what the best torch  i can get ( I NEED BUTANE TOO)
    Ive heard to get vector butane (11$ a can)

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    It dosn't matter what butane to get, your only using it to heat up the nail. Don't get one of the all to popular hand torches.
    Go to walmart and get your self set up with a real butane tank and a head. It should run you around $35-$40. Get a head that's all metal so it dosn't melt. I've heard to avoid propane, it causes your nail to oxidize faster or something.
  3. 30$ crème brulee torch from bed bath and beyond and a can of Power 5x which should be around 3$. You can take the torch back when it breaks and they will give you a new one each time.
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  5. Yeah a map gas touch or butane creme Brule touch uh lowes has a butane brand touch for like 14 bucks maybe 20 with self light heads I mean you Gould go to a flea market and probably get one even cheaper.

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  6. Why did you make two threads for this?

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