What toking tools could you think of to enhamce toking?

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  1. What would you need to have a perfect set up? Like a grinder, bong, some joint wraps, a pipe, and what else? What else could you think of to boost the timing time
  2. timing time? o_O
  3. uhh yea timing time,:confused:

    vape bongn.
  4. music and water cant leave out this stuff
  5. A grinder is my only necessity. I could never go back to picking buds apart by hand. I have to pick apart buds by hand once or twice a year, and it's super annoying.
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    I wish weed gave epic visuals, lazers on weed just almost isnt worth it, i need to try this in my room though.
  7. i have an ipod some bics(no safety) a bong a grinder and 2 glass pipes are my must

  8. Its not so much the epic visuals as much as it makes for a cool mood and can be very fun mixed with a body high if you are in a very dark room. The way the lasers move makes it feel like you are moving, so it can make very cool feelings.

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