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what tobacco replacement in joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by n3wb13, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. hey guys i dont much like tobacco and the fact that it isnt healthy and is addictive so i am wondering what would be the best to roll a joint with from this selection
  2. ??? just dont use any use all weed
  3. thats to expensive
  4. lol theres no difference so what ull have a smaller roll but ur still smoking the same amount of weed. just take what u would use in a spliif an roll it all weed.
  5. roll smaller joints of just weed

    if you have a smaller joint filled with just weed (.5 grams)
    and a bigger joint with weed (.5 grams) and tobacco (.5 grams)

    you still smoke .5 grams of weed, and the tobacco doesn't do anything
  6. lol thats what im saying .... hate it when people do that they think there losing 'street cred' for having a smaller roll.
  7. I mainly use tobacco (Cutter's Choice or Blue Drum ;) ) in my joints as it means they burn better.
  8. i cant roll for shit and its harder to roll thin, cheers

  9. i believe its easier .. you can get your fingers round it much easier. also if you smoke spliffs with not even enuf weed in to roll a small joint then you should just get a 1hitter or something
  10. if you can't roll...practice

    it's the only way to get better and rolling smaller (harder) joints will improve your skill
  11. I'd suggest just rolling with baccy if you are going to practise: it's not worth risking loosing weed!
  12. i will roll pure thin joitn in time however the smoking blends there are only 4 pound an ounce, so i was looking for a reccomendation
  13. i too kind of want something to just roll crazy amounts of joints with..

    yes, you can just roll tiny ass joints but 1) it's a pain in the ass. 2) they're gone in so little time

    i'd rather be able to kick back and enjoy a nice joint without having to roll up loads of my stash in a oner.

    so, yeah, i too am looking for some cheap herbal blend that is pleasant just to smoke for the hell of it :smoking:
  14. My philosophy is only roll when you have enough to make a pure joint. All else is useless. If you don't have enough don't bother and use a bong or something
  15. -Roll a smaller joint with weed only. Why would you want to mix tobacco or other things with your weed? It will only ruin the taste and the feel of your high.

    -Buy a small bowl. You can get a small glass bowl for as much as a gram baggie. Just set some money aside and get a bowl. Trust me, you will love it.

    -Make a homemade piece. Joints and blunts use a lot more weed than a bowl or a bong will, so look around. Use the search function. There are hundreds upon hundreds of threads about homemade bowls, find one you like, and model after it! Just stay away from tin foil, it is harmful to your lungs.
  16. guys, i have a vape and use it alot however when im walking the dog i like to smoke a jay with one hand, and would like it to last a little rather than a few hits and its gone, so i just need reccomendations

  17. Blue Drum tastes acee.

    Because I live where green is scarce, I can only get hash, so I have to miss with tobacco if I want a joint.
  18. Roll a blunt and stop bitching about joints burning so fast.
  19. helpful
  20. When did people start mixin tobacco with weed? That makes no sense to me at all other than maybe trying to make your joint look bigger :confused_2:

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