What to wear to an "Anything BUT Clothes" party???

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  1. Hey everyone so im going to a college party tonight at my friends house and it has an anything BUT clothes theme. The problem is i have a lot of clothes and im not really sure what to wear tonight :confused: Im a 21 year old guy btw. i'm thinking toga but im not too sure.
  2. Wear a cardboard box with duct tape that says will work for pussy
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    I'd make a diaper out of a towel, go to the party and shit myself in it.

    EDIT: This was my most rep'd post ever on grasscity. You guys are awesome.
  4. wear a condom
  5. Go butt ass naked. Technically any kind of coverage of the body is clothing.
  6. You could always kill a bum and wear his skin..
  7. haha i love all the unique responses :) Does a toga fall under the clothing catagory?

  8. /win.
  9. old people diapers with star glasses

    edit: and a top hat
  10. [​IMG]

    You'd have to work something out for the bottoms, because obviously you couldn't wear the black underneath...but you get the idea. :D
  11. Print out a bunch of pictures of yourself and use them to cover up your vital areas.
  12. wear a jock strap and shoulder pads

  13. i WISH i knew where to get one of these

  14. And a cocksock.
  15. A flower pot and suspenders.
  16. Cover your entire body in band aids, toilet paper, wax, aluminum foil, etc
  17. paint your entire body purple and wear a little loin cloth made out of garbage bags
  18. Just wrap your penis in duct tape and put a little piece down your ass crack.

    Then poop in it.

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