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  1. I've been looking at different sites about the correct way to raise your plants, everything from location, lighting, food and watering. but watering seems to have the most different opinions on the type of water to use. Most say not to use tap water, and some say to use distilled or reverse something or other type of water. and i want to know what is the best to use, so i inhance the growning effect and not lessin.
  2. Just water, tap water will do, if you are going to grow hydro then you will need to test ph levels nutrients etc etc, but outside and in pots just use tap/rain water. Lets be honest, if humans can drink it with no ill effect then it has to be ok for plants.
    good luck

  3. Hay hay,

    I do not want to sound contradictory to the subject here... I am pretty well educated in the subject of water, so your statement caught my eye... Tap water does have adverse health effects on humans, I became involved in this to the extent to where I made a pretty good attempt to provide people with very effective water treatment systems...but again it goes back to this stigma that I must be nuts if Im suggesting that our government would allow any harmfull substances into our water in the first place... this is a shame, and I learned my lesson... I stopped trying to provide these systems after only about 5 percent gave any interest at all in them, the others would not accept evidence and documented fact that these substances which are found in our tap water are in fact very bad to be ingesting, so I started losing cash on something that was meant not to generate income (well...just enough to keep going anyway)but to help bring about at least an awareness of the issues at hand, dealing with water...Im glad i wasnt dependent upon thier sale for my income as honosty just isnt profitable. But take into consideration that chlorine levels were compared to that of pool water, and the results were that the tap waters level of chlorine was well above the allowed federally regulated levels tat are considered safe to SWIM in... this cant be healthy to be drinking.
    then we have sodium flouride they add under the pretense that it strengthens your teeth, yet it's one of the deadliest medicines known to man, only surpasses in toxicity by cyanide of mercury...(pretty lethal shit) so in other words... just brush your teeth instead of drinking tap water to strengthen them. if we were to educate ourselves on what we should be eating and drinking, we wouldnt have any concern for strengthening our teeth...but thats another story... But i know as fact, as ive researched and studied, that tap water is not good to be drinking ANYWHERE, it can, does, and will put your health on the line. research it for yourself, im not looking to get into another debate with people here who just want to ask me for everything and do nothing on thier own parts to research this a bit and to possibly help themselves, and then when i dont answer accuse me of being a cooky conspiritorialist, this has nothing to do with it. (if you dont know what i mean, look up 'was adam asexual" on pandoras box)...so anyway, just wanted to add my own 2 cents...

    Have a nice day

    take care.
  4. oooh,

    I appreciate the positive response...although Im sorry to hear about your water, I am in a hurry right now, but I just wanted to let ya know Ill get back to you in a bit on that alright! but for now, go buy a few gallons a distilled! :)~ Isnt it amazing that for something as important as water, nobody seems to want to do anything about its horrible quality!? SHAME. we all have this ignorant thought that the world revolves around oil... Well when the supermarkets run out of things to eat, well see just what people depend on then, and when the water stops flowing freely, which in a sence already has.. well see just how many people gonna keep up their old conventional ways....shit, now im really running late..

    take care.

  5. so, shouldnt use tap water my plants, or should just not drink it. im lost...
  6. this is a crazy sounding thread

    this guy know alot about water
  7. I use tap water - I don´t have much choice, it doesn´t rain here in the growing season. (Oh, I suppose I could give my girls bottled mineral water, 8 litres a day each, sure.)

    But I do let it stand for a day or two to allow Cl levels to reduce.
  8. The issue is not what tap water does to humans, we can examine the question directly: is tap water OK for MJ? The answer is that it depends but in most cases tap water is fine. Let it sit out in an open container for 24 hours before using it on plants, it will allow the chlorine to evaporate. If you filter your water that would be good too, even one of the on-the-faucet types or even the Brita type pitchers.

    But, if your town's water is notoriously bad then used distilled water. If you have something else like well water then the quality can vary much more and you would have to learn more about your water (and probably should for all the human health reasons).

    Rain water isn't always a good choice because of pollution/acid rain, depends where you are.
  9. i live in ny so it think the water is pretty clean you all ways here the new york water is the best so you think its ok
  10. Yeah. Let it sit out 24 hours, wouldn't hurt to get some kind of cheap filter to run it through first.
  11. I'm not trying to get into an arguement, but I have to say:

    They probably didn't buy into it especially after hearing you say having flouride in the water is bad. Yes, its toxic, but only in high levels. Back in the 50's and 60's they didn't have flouride in the water. My dad brushed his teeth all the time and still got cavities, as did everyone else. Flouride is a very good thing to have in the water, it DEFINATELY has a positive effect. Not to mention, everyone in my family as well as millions of Americans have drank thousands upon thousands of gallons of tap water with no ill effects.

    Even if there were ill effects, what are you going to do? Even bottled water companies water is barely, if at all, above the quality of tap water, not to mention the chemical in plastic used to make it soft seeps into the water from the bottle. (Google it)


  12. To add to this estrogen levels in our water supply have been adding up ever since the use of birth controll. Unfortunatly we havent figured out an economical way to remove the estrogen. The point is the effects are now starting to be felt as the estrogen levels rise, I know in my state of michigan there have been a couple health and abnormalities related to healthy male teenagers to actually have small breast growth. So tap water should be boiled, and im a newb, because there are things in the water that you may not know. Im a enviormental science major so I know alot about things you dont want to know.
  13. Do all we all want to read these pages of garbage?? I don´t think so

  14. ^^ Agreed.

    Just use tap water, if anything fucked up happens to the plant...boil the water and let it cool, or just let tap water sit out over the course of a few days.
  15. id just water my plants with water....

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