What to watch for tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by uRbAnDieSeL*ATL, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. well i'm plannin smokin a few bowls in the next hour or so and i was debating whether to watch Survivor Man, or to watch the movie Without A Paddle.. i honestly can't make up my mind, what would you watch??
  2. without a paddle
  3. Survivor Man

    SM>>>>>Bear>Chick armpit hair
  4. i'm leaning towards survivor man, just because i think its more exciting. and i hate watching a movie on tv stoned, because you watch about 15 min. of the movie then 5 min. of commercials, gets soooo annoying to me for some reason. so i think i'll stick with survivor man!
  5. Without A Paddle, great movie.

    I don't watch much TV. More into music when I'm blazed.

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