What to use in place of papers?

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  1. I only have 1 paper left and I can't buy anymore right now. I've heard of using tracing paper would that work? What else is there? Thanks.
  2. Don't use any non rolling paper or blunt to smoke out of. If you have to use something else make a pipe out of an apple. Or just spend a dollar and buy a pack of papers.
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  3. I can't "legally" buy papers. However I have researched and they say a great option is actually corn husks like they do in Jamaica. Thanks anyway mon :smoking:
  4. Peel back a bit of skin and dry it in the oven, smokes just like a backwood. :smoking:
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  5. Dude you cant find a corner store/bodega/gas station that will sell you some papers for a $1? Geez. How young are you?
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  6. When I used to smoke tobacco I used bible pages every once in a while. Takes ages with them cause they just don't roll the same, but it works.
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  7. i've used engineering paper before a few times in college. works just fine

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  8. what up dude i know u got banned because youre a dumbass and you stated your minor age but if you are still in need here in Brasil we used these things when we were kids [​IMG] i dont know if you can tell what kind of paper it is from the photo, but they are usually in burguer joints tables and stuff on these little boxes [​IMG] any cheap place that serves food has these here, so i hope you have them over there too, they are very thin, food-grade and best of all free you just snatch it from the tables lol
  9. just go ask a roll up cig smoker for some papers and make an Lplate. their always happy to give them out cuz cig papers cost 30p for 50

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