What To Use For Kicking Kids Out Of Flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mrgreenbudz, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Out of 12 clones going nice 3 are still kinda stuck somewhere in between the flower and veg modes. Some of the cuttings were taken from different plants Some are doing great but as stated some are not cooperating. What can I give them to kick them out of this mode?

    mr g
  2. I think if you kept them dark for 24-48 hours, it would kick them into flowering. Maybe put a cardboard box or beach towel over them or something.
  3. Ah you did not read did you?
  4. damn good question. The amount of a hormone called phytochrome is what kicks them into flower and is produced during the dark cycle. Would be great if you could keep plants in the dark then make a ferment in the hopes of increasing the phytochrome. A certain spectrum must break it down. Perhaps eliminate that if possible. That would take a bit of research though. Maybe a compost of old flowers? Who knows.

    You can add yellow light to speed things up. Some use a low pressure sodium which is basically a pure yellow spectrum bulb to induce flowering for the first couple of weeks. If you flower them under this spectrum then your plants will not produce enough food, chloroplasts, and you will get stringy plants.

    Stress can speed things up though you are limiting your harvest potential. PH or P can do it though I would not go that route

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