What to use for dirt?

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  1. As far as what I can go find in the wild in Michigan. I don't want to buy anything.
  2. I mean...if you don't want to buy anything "dirt" is dirt.
    Go someplace plants look healthy and dig, I guess?

    What's the whole idea though...are you planning on buying anything throughout the process at all?
    I think *maybe* the absolute bare minimum would be some potting mix type stuff mixed through the natural soil, so that you get the bio-diversity of one, and the slow release feed of the other.

    So what's your planned grow?
  3. Find a tree that’s been down for a while and dig around it. Any bark from it will make good mulch. Like stated above, put in some potting mix to help keep the dirt from getting compacted. :smiley-rolling-joint:
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    Planned grow?
    Get as close to 12 seed sprouts or clones as I can and put them in the legal enclosure I have 90% built now and water them until like Halloween N pick em..

    I have some very good grower friends that are very successful but the very complex dirt mix they use is like $150-$200 per plant and I'm just not spending $2k on dirt and don't need my plants to get as big as theirs anyway..

    I may do 1 or 2 plants their way, but not 12, so I might as well put in the rest of what plants I can with whatever decent dirt I can get my hands on and see what comes of it..

    Also, a lot of people say "You HAVE to have this", and "you HAVE to have that or it will never work" and I'd like to prove them wrong..

    You know how growers are.. They all grow differently but they all think their way is the only correct way so debates often ensue between them all day of why their way is better than the others etc.. Hydro indoor guy VS organic outdoor guy conversations can get quite hilarious at times but they all think you need all this fancy shit to grow weeds and I just want to grow some simply with natural dirt I can go find for free just to do it..

    I have plenty of tree bark, that's good stuff?
    Figure I can get myself a nice pile of tree leaves, throw a bunch of bark on it, run it over with my mower a bunch of times to mulch it, get some good rotted/composted/slimey leaves from the bottoms of old leaf piles, mix all that up with some nice black topsoil dirt from the woods or wherever, and grow plants in it fine? Enough mulch to make the soil mix pretty light and fluffy?

    How about like some nasty muk from a swamp where their are cedar trees? Couple 5 gallon buckets of that in my dirt mix too?
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  5. I would look for well aged horse manure or decent compost and mix into the top 18 inches of soil. Make sure it drains well.
  6. Bro, Im in michigan too and 200$ per plant in soil is completely ludicrous and foolish. Make your own with 7$ bales of peat, compost, and sand. Till it in with some lime and your set.
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  7. I'm no expert but if you put it in the soil it will grow. It's been growing wild way before we had ph meters and led lighting. Find some plants that look like they're doing good and your plants should grow there too. Rain water + sunlight and you'll have a healthy plant.

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  8. So..

    I went and raked up 2 garbage bags of leaves from the woods, so about 60 gallons of leaves and were probably 30 lbs, then mulched them a bit with my mower and then they were probably 20 gallons..
    I also got about 20 gallons of black dirt with moss on it from the woods..

    I bought 4 40lb bags of manure/compost, 2 bags of topsoil, and one bag of potting soil..

    Each hole in the ground got 1/4 of the mulched leaves and woods dirt each, 1 bag of compost each, 1/2 bag of topsoil each, and 1/4 bag of potting soil each..
    In a regular lawnmower trailer I'd say the mix per hole was about 7" deep..

    4 holes are probably 2.5' round and 18" deep and slightly mounded with the mix I put in them.. The dirt mix is pretty fluffy..

    Later, if the plants take off well, I plan to dig a ring of the regular yard soil out from around my holes about 2' larger around and 1' deep around my holes to make them very wide and shallow.. So that will give about 6' round holes 12" deep with the 2.5' center being 1.5' deep like upside down hat shaped holes..

    I read that the roots like to grow very wide and shallow from a plant, like a kiddie pool is a decent pot, so I think I'll make my holes like that..

    Holes are about 5' apart.. I know they are a bit close but I am tempted to grow them without any training. They have room to be 10-12'' tall I'd say..

    What do you think of my dirt mix and hole shape/size plan?
  9. I'm thinking that you may have forgotten to add perlite to your ideal mix.
    When you say "potting soil", what did the bag indicate as included fertilizer?
    ... stuff sounds lovely.
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  10. it doesn't..

    It just says 60% pete, sand, and perlite..

    I figured that the potting soil was for making the dirt lite and I put a lot of mulched leaves in it which I figure will work like pete and make the soil lite so didn't use much potting soil.

    The compost said .1 .1 .1 or .01 .01 .01 something like that.. Even distribution..
  11. Do you have a photo of your medium as ready? Good drainage would be nice for your mix.
    I use the heck out of mulched leaf, but never considered it to be peat-like (just compost).
    leafcompost.jpg crawlers.JPG
    Perhaps I should...
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  12. You add leaves in fall they decompose by spring but if you added leaves now they can rob nitrogen from your soil.
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  13. Take a shovel and a thirty gallon contractor bag or a five gallon bucket into a well established ( forty or so years old) stand of a conifer forest. Skim off the top few inches of decomposed forest humus and use it in your grow holes. Maybe add a little aged barnyard manure if available. In descending order of nitrogen content - chicken, sheep,goat,rabbit, horse or cow.
    Ideally, a person would want to add manures several months in advance of the planned grow.
  14. I really didn't want to put a whole lot of money into this but now here I am with another $100 of dirt, lol..

    Got another half a yard of dairy doo mixed with a bale of pete and a couple bags of perlite mixed with my previous batch of dirt all in 5 big holes (1 a kiddy pool).. Probably a whole yard of dirt mix between 5 holes and still want 7 more holes..

    So yeah I guess this thread was stupid and worthless, sorry..
    I don't have a whole lot of money into this because I had most of the materials to make my enclosure but the amount of work I have put into this project is, well, a friggin lot..

    This shit better work to have been worth my time and money doing all this but on the bright side it is all "perennial" as in my enclosure should hold up for years to come and my dirt in holes should serve for years to come with minimal amendments so I will be thanking myself next year when it's mostly plug-n-play for the next season..
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  16. I'm from Michigan, just look for some loamy, well-draining soil, and stick your plants in that... If it isnt rich enough, dress the soil with some organic 4-4-4 dry ferts. Top dress with wormcastings and guano at the first signs of flowering. No need to use pond much, thats just anaerobic slime. Keep an eye out for fungi in this cool humidity, I use Dr. Earth Final Stop. Its just rosemary and garlic oil, but it rocks.

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