What to use as a filter?

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  1. I have no pipe, bong, or anything and I want to smoke :(. I used my last apple the other day haha so i figured id make a home made bong out of a socket, pen, and water bottle but i dont have a filter. I don't have any earbuds and i tried taking the filter out of my sink but it wouldnt come out. I even thought about doing the worst thing someone could do as my last resort and use tinfoil. I dont have any:( my parents are out for the night in my car because their's is in the garage so i cant go out to the headshop to buy anything. please help me!
  2. Do you have a cigarette?

    Worse comes to worse... blank bible pages. It's the best you can do in this situation besides waiting.
  3. Carrots work good in this situation :D
  4. That's brilliant!
  5. hot knife that shit
  6. if no cigarettes, then you should hot knife

  7. It would feel like I was disgracing God man. Can't do that.

  8. How do you do this?
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    get 2 butter knifes and a straw, heat one on a stove element so that it gets red hot then take a little bit of bud and press it down with the other knife onto the red hot knife.. then with the straw you draw in all the smoke.

    actually half a 2 liter would prolly do a better job at capturing the smoke

    and be warned that the smoke will be hot as shit

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