What to use as a bowl for a homemade bong?

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  1. So I'm making a homemade bong out of a POM bottle. I already have everything the only thing i need is a bowl. What can i use as a bowl? (I don't have much to work with)
  2. I've heard of people using a wrench socket.
  3. Use a metal socket with whatever screen you can find
  4. One of the springy door stoppers, put a screen in there and its a downstem and bowl
  5. I used to use a stainless steel door stop for all my homemade pieces that all work really well with it, you know those spring like things, just get a screen and slide it in how ever deep you want the bowl to be. It works really well no smoke comes out of the cracks and after a few hits the resin fills them anyway.
  6. If you have a ceiling fan...use the little cover for the strings that you use to turn it off and on. It's part of the metal strings but its screwed onto the base of the fan. Pretty easy to spot seeing how its the only screw thats visible really and very easy to remove.
  7. all these random household metals can't really be safe when heated by a lighter and inhaled can they!!??
  8. Fuck the haters, use tinfoil
  9. Tin foil is fine... Poke some holes in it with a pencil or something. People say 'it gives you Alzheimer's!'... But the foil doesn't get hot enough to actually decompose or for anything to actually come off of it.... You cook food in tin foil, ffs.

    A better option would be a wrench socket. 1/4th inch works best. Makes a nice one-hitter

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