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What to tell parents? Post questions, and post answers! New and Old Tokers Alike!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TimberJohn, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Alright, so I've been smoking on occasion, for around 2 or 3 months now. I have recently started doing a lot more, and am loving it. My mother has asked previously whether I smoked or not, and at the time, I said no. I would like to come clean with my parents eventually, so that I can smoke in or around our house without as much worry. I respect them, but both area bit on the fence about the subject. My father used to be a heavy tobacco smoker, and did pot for a while during his teenage years. I've heard his argument come off as "It effects your memory for like an entire month" This is the only argument he has given, but seems quite indifferent. My mother's sister used to smoke marijuana as well. My mom saw her in a weird state a lot, and to this day on marijuana. To be honest, it was probably a mixture of harder drugs and or alcohol that made her this way. I want to have a set of facts and answers to their questions, so as to make myself seem like I know what I'm talking about. I've been able to maintain over a 4.0 GPA through first quarter, and into the interim of 2nd. For me, marijuana helps me focus (I have very mild ADD, but I still feel it's effects) on work or just getting something done. Especially sativa. I am currently in the process of helping my friend come out to his mom, so he can smoke inside. She is a heavy smoker of tobacco, and drinks from dusk to dawn. We both want the best outcome of being able to smoke of course, but want to seem like we know what we are doing, and can maintain a good grade in schoolwork and maintain friendships. What information can you give me, that I can pass on to them when I decide to finally tell them. I really want a lot of facts with health benefits and debunking myths. (Anything about alzheimer's or grades is a plus if it can be found):wave:
  2. Watch a documentary called The Union.

    Matter a fact, set up a movie night...and play The Union.
  3. I just came clean to my parents after being caught twice and now I'm allowed to smoke inside but only on weekends. Facts do not work, i mean they help but don't expect to FSU with some facts. My parents listened but always had counter arguements. They're onesided. What cha gotta do is hold your ground. Show that you're not stopping (dont be a dick) and re-iterate countless times about how well you're doing in school. My arguement was "don't you guys want me excelling in school? Well I've been smoking 2 years and my grades have only gone up. I passed some of the hardest engineering classes with A's and B's whilst smoking." I also let them know I've met study buddies through weed. And my strongest arguement was the fact that I have the drive to be successful. Cuz all parents main arguement is "you're gonna get lazy and drop out like (insert a family member who smokes and not too successful)" and you just agree with them, make it seem like you see it from their point so they can see yours when you hit them with "yea that is possible, but only if you let the herb control you and you not control it. I do all my homework and study before i smoke or while I smoke. School comes before it and it always will because I WANT to be successful in life. Something along those lines. Good luck man.
  4. I honestly told my mom in a way that wasn't direct..she saw the music i was slowly getting into and how i would bitch every time i heard anything false about piff on the TV..then she just looked at me and was like "I know you've been getting're weird and quiet when you come home..." so just ease into it if you have to :)
  5. Just tell her that it's just something you like to do every now and then, it's not a huge deal, you just enjoy it and you're able to tolerate it and function with it very well. Just make sure you keep doing well in school to show her that you're responsible enough to use marijuana every now and then. Unless she's one of those uber anti-pot people that should be enough.
  6. Play and beat her at chess. Then declare: "I'm high as fuck!"

  7. I was planning to, how would I go about this without making it seem as though I'm desperate. Also, I want to seem intellectual at the same time.

  8. I agree, my mother is religious and facts will not work. I think it would be a good idea to just tell her subtly and without arguing (never argue or talk back) that it just helps you relax and that without it you are still going to be good in school because being successful and working hard is something that pot has no control over. If she still argues that you shouldn't do it, then tell her you cant stop it (dont scream) Give it time, parents will not accept whatever you say quickly, and one more thing, if she stops talking for a bit then dont keep talking about what you think.. give it time and she will change her mind. I was never caught and its been ages (literally) and everything is fine, really i think its all about your mindset. I would just smoke outside and not worry about it until you get your own place or some shit.
  9. As I've stated, my mother's sister tried MJ for a while, and my mom stated her behaviors were so changed. I don't think she makes the decision between the alcohol and tobacco she intook as well...
  10. How can I approach her with watching The Union?

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