what to spend money on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Zapata, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Ok I wanna buy me a bong I already got a diffused bubbler but I want a bong so I could take huge hits and just get high quicker but idk if I should get it or just keep my bubbler n just buy some weed

    Which would u do?
  2. Depends how much money you got..

    I'd spend $150 on a nice GonG tube and the rest on weed.

    Thats just me.

  3. Hmm how about 60 n I found this sick bong for 50 but will only have 10 left :(
  4. I'd order some seeds and a huge light.
  5. $13

  6. 60 wont give you a great product. my tripple bubbler was 100 dollars alone, check it out. You may be able to find a good bong for cheap, just make sure you check the thickness and see if you wanna buy a new stem or anything else. If you break bowls and what not, buy a thick one. if you appreciate your bowls and weed. Do research, If you really like to smoke bud and do it on a regular basis, buy a roor bong.

  7. do you talk? or just post pictures?
    your terribley unhelpful.

  8. Lmfao, i went and saw their post history and its ALL pictures.

  9. If you only got $60 then just go buy some weed... Unless you get a RELLLY(and i do mean really) good deal then the bong for $60 will be sub par.

  10. save ur money at the moment. A little mini bong will produce the same effect as your bubble. Buy some dank and hit the gravity bong to get sky high

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