What to smoke?

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  1. I get drug tested and me and my bro are chillin' home alone. We need something to smoke? That will not show up on a HAIR test. I just took green tea. Didn't do much. light buzz. any ideas?
  2. I am sure this violates some kind of rule?
  3. You can smoke like 5 black and milds. Each. And my "underage summer troll" radar is.literaly.SCREAMMIMG.at me I wont say it in an obvious way ;)

    Edit, smoke them as fast as u fucking can while upside down on da ground

    Edit, black n miles are just tobaco so it isnt against the.rules rignt?
  4. Smoke your own hair

  5. hahahha omfg wtf
  6. Meth always does the trick for me!
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    On The League the guy smoked his friends pubic hair. Try that.

    Maybe wrap up some spinach, add a little pepper.
  8. it rhymes with canana reals

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