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What to smoke instead of weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by gandalfthegreat, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. I haven't been able to get grass for ages, and it seems like I'll be without it for a while. Is there anything else one can smoke to get the same effect? Not exactly the same, but at least a bit high. Is it true that one can smoke some teas and get slightly high? Like green teas and shit? It'd be great if you knew anything that one usually have at home. Things one can sniff is also great!

  2. uhhhh no one herewill reccomend smoking anything besides weed on here, if its not weed dnt smoke it. dont huff either trust me
  3. Lol one of the tags is sniffing...

    Other drugs are not allowed to be discussed here on GrassCity.

    Besides, everyone here will tell you to stay away from any spices or anything else that gets you "high".

    May I ask why you think your dry spell will continue?
  4. Just find a good weed connect. Smoking synthetic crap is so bad for you.
  5. Lol, yup, those 2 guys are right, I am going to tell you not to smoke anything else. Just ride out your little dry spell, it's a nice "forced" T-break. It's good to be sober once in a while.
  6. There is NOTHING that compares to weed. We also don't discuss them here, even if there was.

    I'd suggest trying harder to find some bud. Use unconventional resources.
  7. There IS (not maybe) someone in your city that sells weed, man. Go find him :smoke:
  8. if you are actually fiending enough to begin smoking other drugs just go on craigslist or some shit walk around at the mall say got kush? or ask 420 to people if they say huh just say never mind and walk away, most likely you'll find someone they might give you some bad weed or maybe some good stuff either way you're gettin baked!:smoke:
  9. Dandelions get me pretty buzzed mannnn :smoke:
  10. well I got this Crystal like stuff from this toothless guy on the street...woke up with my pants down though - don't remember a thing ;)

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