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  1. What do i say after i sent this girl a text and she sent one back saying "Thanks (my name), that really means a lot to me . : ) "

    What do i say to that?

    All i can think to say right now is like " you're welcome. " or " yeah. : ) "

    I want to keep things rollin :p
  2. be like "yeeuh thats rite bitch"

    or "yeh nd u suckin mah DICK would mean alot to me"

    either of those should work fine.
  3. what u tell her?
  4. You can't expect us to give you a decent response if that's all the context you're giving us.
  5. Say you're welcome and keep the conversation going by asking her a question.

    "You're welcome. So, what are you up to this weekend?"
    "You're welcome. So, how are you doing tonight?"
    "You're welcome. So, what is your stance on genetically modified food?"
  6. Yeah im high

    Amd tried amd failed
  7. Don't be overly nice.. Just be like "anytime"

    Or "no problem"

  8. Right on.

    She texted me upset sending me this decently long message about her saying that her friend is different now and that she just wants her old friend back, and that now she's got a lot of responsibilities and can't go out partying all the time.

    I responded with a long text telling her that i'm glad she's being responsible and that i was proud of her and blah blah blah about her friend and i told her a story about my experience with all that and i ended it saying that i respect that she is doing so well with what she's doing and will continue to do so.

    and she responded with "Thanks (my name), that means a lot to me. : )"

    I want to keep it rolling, i know she's into me already, and values my opinion, i just wanted something cool to say back that might cheer her up and make her laugh :p

    I know, i'm a jerk for cheating and asking you guys xD
  9. Be like "ermahgerd like tannx boo" and then she be like "ill be over in 5 to suck you" and then you go "ooops i meant your welcome!"
  10. Trust me bro, it means she wants you to send her a picture of your dick
  11. "You really mean a lot to me. Now bend over."
  12. Lmao like a boss man
  13. "Anytime. :)" always worked for me. It lets them know that your dick is always available.
  14. liek guise amg today a girl said hi to me and idk what to do plz halp ahhhh

    Seriously bro? -_- I mean, I'd understand if she'd actually said something deep and interesting, but... "thanks"?

    Just keep the conversation going. Say whatever you want to say, I doubt she's going to analyze it as much as you are.
  15. Or hell, maybe just be honest.

    "You're welcome. I really want to keep this conversation going because I enjoy talking to you, but I don't know what to say."
  16. I'd just stick with your welcome,, it's not like she just gave you a medal.

  17. She wouldn't respond to this.

  18. Yeah bro, i didn't know what to say, i thought to myself "hey, i have a bunch of really chill people i could ask on GC about this, why not just ask them!?"

    Then here's your comment.

    Thanks man, thanks a lot.

    Why wouldn't i analyze it? I like her and care about her, why wouldn't i want to say the perfect thing to make her laugh or happy when she's down?

    It's not like i always draw a blank, this is just something i wanted a little help with to keep things rolling tonight.
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    Yeah man, i tend to over analyze things like texts.. but something along the lines of your welcome, anytime. I guess just say something to let her know that you enjoy talking to her about her issues and your always there to listen. and let her know you've got an over-sized dong.
  20. you ask her why this conversation has to happen over text message. go into how you think electronic interaction is going to be the downfall of human intimacy. her friend is irresponsible because she's lost connection with the real world. she'll be within arms reach in no time.

    alternatively, you could tell her you forgot your sack in your other boxers and that you have to go ask the nice folks at GC where you left them.

    just kidding, girls love sex and it's fairly naive to think that you even need advice. just let her touch your penis dude.

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