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What to put on Salami sandwich?

Discussion in 'General' started by Amped, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Alright guys, what should I put on a salami sandwich. I have some hot calabrese salami or whatever its called, and i never make sandwiches lmfao so what tastes good on it. Im gunna be making it in the morning for lunch though, so i dont want a bunch of shit that will make it soggy.

    I'm not high, or else i would have thought of a million things... but i bet it woulda tasted like shit the next day sober any way :smoke:
  2. mustard, some cheese...like pepperjack is always a good choice in my opinion. cheddar, maybe if ya like that?

    salami sammiches are great
  3. Salami + any other lunch meats you have + cheese + lettuce + jalapeños (or banana peppers if you don't like spicy foods) + mayo and Dijon mustard = victory.
  4. I second mustard and cheese. Best sandwich ever.
  5. Oh, and bacon. How on earth could I forget bacon?
  6. mustard

    i put a tiny bit of mayo too
  7. Yeah just follow the advice in this thread already man. My personal favourite is swiss cheese with some horseradish dijon mustard.
  8. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions! i've never tried mustard with salami, and btw passage i love spicy foods, i dont have jalapenos though fuck :(

    So far im thinking provolone, dijon mustard, lettuce.

    Should I keep or lose the lettuce :smoke:
  9. i like to keep my salami sandwiches simple. maybe ham, but i'd rather have a turkey and ham sandwich than a salami/turkey or salami/ham.

    toasted or cold, salami + cheese + yellow mustard = nomzz
  10. OMG how could i forget

    PEPPER JACK! lol 100% gotta have it
  11. lose the lettuce in my opinion. i never used to put mustard on my salami, but since i started, it's almost my favorite combo.

    provolone is a decent choice. pretty mild flavor, isn't gonna take away from the salami which is a good thing
  12. I got some horseradish dijon mustard.. should i use that instead of regular dijon then :smoke:

    Only have mozzerella and provolone :( ill use the provolone though

    Alright, thanks man!

    My only decision now is horseradish dijon, or just regular dijon.

    Hopefully it wont make it all soggy and shit by the time i eat lunch :smoke:
  13. cheese bananna pepper mayos lettuce. maybe a tomatoe
  14. Salami, peper jack cheese, a little mayo. Then bust up some lays and pour it on, smash it down, and enjoy.
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    Dont need all the extra shit..Cheese mustard miracle whip. Mayo free round here... Keep it 100
  16. hmm..got any way of storing the mustard in a little container maybe between when you pack it and when you eat it? dunno what you're working with. def don't want it to get soggy. maybe, gonna sound weird, but bring the bottle with you? haha, idk, try and think about a way of keeping some mustard with ya so you can put it on before you eat it

    i'm not a huge fan of dijon mustards, but i'd probably go with regular dijon, but that's just me
  17. mustard and provolone or swiss...YUM

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