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What to put oil in for sitout method?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Klauck, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I'm gonna be doing the sitout method with coconut oil till 420. I was wondering what you guys use to store your oils when making cannaoil. Also I am thinking of cooking the oil the day before i use it. Will this decrease potency? If I do cook it should I not cook it as long as you normally would? Any info and tips you guys can give me from experience would be great. I will also be decarbing the weed and Ill prob just use a few grams.
  2. I wish I had answers for you- I was actually doing the same thing, down to starting it on the same day as you and pulling it out for 4/20. Right now, I have my oil in a drawer, in an old plastic pesto container. I want to apply heat to it prob right before next Friday, but I dunno. I would just test a little, but I'm t-breaking until then to make my 4/20 extra special!
  3. you can just use a mason jar.

    And i haven't done this myself, but i don't think applying heat would cause a decrease in potency. Perhaps you could heat for the same time but at a slightly lower temp than usual?
  4. To the OP, hope yours worked- mine was awesomely good! I ended up making this crazy scrambled egg dish with every veggie under the sun and super cheese. It was delicious, and I was so very blown that I didn't come down until the next day.

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