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What to name my new rainbow bowl? [with pics]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lcyStriker, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Just got this bowl today and I'm wondering what to name it. I was thinking maybe lucy. Because it's rainbow and reminds me of lsd which reminds me of the beetles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds lol. What do you guys think?
  2. But there's two :confused:
  3. It reminds me of Power Rangers so I would name it Zordon.
  4. You cant ask other people what to name your pieces, you gotta smoke them up and get a feel for the pieces before you name them. Its okay to have them unnamed for a bit, but the piece cannot be named when you are sober, you can think of names but the official naming process needs the owner to be high : )

    (ps. 100th post! :smoke:)
  5. Call it Herbert.... Herbert's a badass name
  6. Idkabout you but the name Lucy makes me think of gorillas. You gotta wait to name your piece until the time is right, most often when baked. I actually have a new bong and Sherlock pipe I haven't named yet
  7. LSD despite popular belief was not the intended message John Lennon had when writing the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The title of the song came from his son who drew a picture of his class mate lucy in the sky, surrounded by diamonds. Lennon didnt even realise the correlation and swore in 1971 he had no idea or intention for the initials to spell L.S.D, he created it as he listened to it. Every time after that though he would look at the titles to see what it said, and usually they never said anything.
  8. Name them the Double Rainbows
  9. Don't be too creative ;)
  10. Skittles. So you can like, taste the rainbow.
  11. call in rainbee...
  12. ^^^ this guy nailed it.
  13. When I smoked, my pieces name would always come from their first smoking sesh.
    (My grinder now) Sharp Tooth

    I will forever miss you babies <3
  14. [quote name='"jswanny47"']Skittles. So you can like, taste the rainbow.[/quote]

    Damn it, okay this guy nailed it.
  15. Smoke about 10 bowls of some good,then sit in a quiet room,and the answer will come to you...i did that and named my spoon crack pipe hahaha
  16. just joking here,im not serious

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