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what to mix with my bud instead of tobacco

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Luuke, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. what should i mix up with my bud instead of tobacco?
  2. I hear people smoke tea sometimes. Maybe try that:confused:
  3. hash,thc oil and danker bud
  4. my bud doesnot seem to last me nearly as long when i dont put spin in my mix, trying to make my mix last longer.
  5. just smoke less. you'l get just as high as adding something that doesnt get you high to begin with
  6. Thats pointless considering the reason you're doing it. Just smoke less like people have been saying

    If you want to get higher, why add something that isn't weed to the mix?
  7. well i have been mixing in cannabis leaf with my previous mixes 4 cones gets me high for 2 hours, last night smoked 4 cones of straight the high lasted 2 hours, its amazing smoke i just feel like i can get as high with 4 cones of leaf mix as the same for 4 cones unmixed so in theory the mix with spin would last me longer because i still only end up smoking 4 but there is more to smoke... lol.
  8. #9 also, Mar 30, 2012
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  9. Get higher quality weeds, that always helps
  10. mids instead of tobacco
  11. Regs or mids
  12. lol tried pubes last week the last thing i want is another pubic headache.....
  13. load a big bowl and act like your at a famous restaurant and then sprinkle keif on your bowl like if you were sprinkling pepper on a salad
  14. imo it makes the weed burn better..but watevers
  15. Green tea. Tastes good, very smooth smoke, and it's plentiful.
  16. Why smoke tea..?

    Thats something I just don't get

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