What to look for in glass spoons

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  1. Yo what's up all in the GC world?

    So tomorrow I'm planning on buying a nice glass spoon and I was just wondering what you all look for in them. I don't know too much about them, I've always been a joint and bong kinda guy. Any information would be helpful. Thanks peace n pot :smoke:
  2. Something that I can light without burning off facial hair, thick glass, check the overall quality of the blow, must have a carb.
  3. Nothing, look at water pipes ;)

    But if you must, I'd say make sure its thick and sturdy. Make sure the carb is big enough for a nice clear. Make sure there's something blocking scooby snacks from coming through (like a twist or bend), and check the size of the bowl hole. A small one is good so you can smoke shake.
  4. Look for something with some thickness-none of that thin shit. Hold a few different ones and you'll be able to feel which are of better quality. And as Post said, something that wont burn your face! haha
  5. Get one that's at least 25-40 dollars don't get a cheap one and don't get it from a gas station make sure it's thick glass sturdy and a cool design.
  6. Thanks for all the help. Can anyone post any pictures of a nice one? I tried searching the Internet but I'm not really sure what's nice and what isn't.
  7. Its all about the feel man. Just wait til you get to the shop and see what you see, ya dig?
  8. It should have some heft to it.

    And it should look cool.

    Honestly, it's a spoon. Even a five dollar cheapie is gonna get you high. Just buy whatever strikes your fancy.
  9. Id buy a chillum.
  10. As for appearance...its completely up to you. You can find great and awful ones that have basic designs... even the intricate ones can be poorly made. If it feels a little heavier than you may have thought then thats a good sign. Check for bubbles trapped inside the glass...if there are many that can be a sign of weak points. Check to see how large the hole in the bowl and the carb are. The carb should be bigger in general, to give it a nice fast clear, and the hole in the bowl should be small enough that it will be easy to load the bowl without much falling through, and that when you pull you would be pulling a lot through. You may find one with a disk diffused bowl or an other style bowl, those are nice, but if not you may also want to look at getting a glass gauze (a small jack looking thing (usually) that is used to restrict the hole at the bottom, so less pull through...I would get one to try out and see if you like it..they are usually less than a dollar). Shape is up to you, colors and their design is up to you.
    My biggest recommendation would be, unless you have a brand you just love, not to buy a hand pipe by a big name brand. You can usually find locally made ones of equal quality for much lower price, and you can get a more unique piece that way. Other than that, if it looks well made, and you like the size and shape and color you should be happy with it. Even the thinner glass ones work just fine, they just may break when you set them down or from heating up when you hit it.
    Last recommendation would be to get some simple green, grunge off, or iso alcohol (highest % you can find, usually 91%) and kosher salt from a convenience store. The simple green and grunge off are great for easy cleaning, just put your new pipe in a bowl filled with it and let it soak over night, wash well in the morning and it should be clean. Iso and salt requires shaking, but its faster.
  11. - don't buy a bowl lower than 20$

    -look for a thick glass spoon. Not a fan of metal.

    -a somewhat big carb. I like bigger carbs just because it's easier to clean the bowl, and clears the bowl easier.

    -a short spoon means the smoke will be hotter, but it's easier to hide. A long spoon, takes longer to get the smoke to your mouth so the smoke is somewhat cooler, not too much of a difference IMO.

    The rest is your preference.

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