What to Look For in Bubbler?

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  1. Hey guys I am not new to smoking but relatively new to buying pieces. I want to pick out a nice bubbler at the local headshop. I know I want a Sherlock but other than glass thickness and colors what should I look for? I would really like one with a slide but is that going to be more expensive? My budget is around 80 bucks. Thanks
  2. I'd look for something diffused. Other than that, it's all personal preference from there.
  3. Ya I would definitely like something diffused. But could I get a nice bubbler for around 80 bucks?
  4. Have you tried looking in the GC shop, yet? I'm sure you'll find something there...
  5. a bubbler than you really like and looks cool
  6. Ya I would really rather support a local shop though then going through the trouble of ordering something online.
  7. i just bought a really thick double bubbler off of etsy.com for $50. both downstems diffused and hits so smooth its not even funny. look online.

    p.s. sorry if that was really choppy. just got done with the dub a few minutes ago haha
  8. $80
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YigW8b6Aug&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - OGW/GMD 10" Mini Stemless Waffle Bubbler[/ame]
  9. where did you get this man? it looks pretty sick
  10. Honestly it is easier to go to a head shop.. BUT, they usuallly charge more and may not have what you want..

    try etsy.com

    Go to glass section and search for bubbler.

    I just found this..


    I think it looks great
  11. Get it off a guy named "Glassmansdoll" on Etsy. He does custom work for relatively cheap.
  12. Thanks for the help guys.
  13. What to Look For in Bubbler?

    1) water

    2) maybe some weed


    hahahahah shiiiiit im a genius:smoke:
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    I like this comment cocky but so true hahahahaha:laughing:
  15. Because you're from Buffalo, you should check out the super flea. The best place there is pipe dreams. They have glass from artists like salt and other locally blown pieces.
  16. when i bought my first bubbler at my lhs i didnt realize that the hole at the bottom of my bowl was freaking HUGE. i know this is obvious, but make sure the hole at the bottom of the bowl is centered and not big enough to let ur herb fall through before you get a good thick piece stuck in there. also, if you can get a bubbler that was blown as all one piece of glass (if at all possible). ive seen people break their bubbler right at the joint of the two pieces with a super clean break. easy to fix but sketch to smoke out of a glued bubbler imo haha. my 2 cents.

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