What To Look For In A House Rental ???

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  1. Hi Everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I need to find a new house to live in, and I'm sure you folks have ideas I would never think of.

    I'd like to find a two bedroom house with a windowless laundry room or walk in closet. Concrete slab construction seems a negative because of ventilation /plumbing access.
    :) I will start my first grow with a 400 watt H.P.S. and possibly add a second when I can afford it.

    I'll be taking a look at the breaker box, (I know a little about electrical,) I might pull a receptical, (with the breaker off!) to check wire condition/gauge/grounding. I'll take a look at the plumbing,(that I do understand.)

    I'm sure I am overlooking somethings, and would love to hear what anyone thinks. Thanks again everyone.:)
  2. i have some of the same questions since im about to move in a house in a couple weeks.i was thinkin that havin central air would be a good choice.also a house that is not too old.
  3. Thank you!

    I completly forgot about the H.V.A,C.( Heating ,Ventilation,Air Cooling,) system,(and I don't realy know how to consider this aspect of the house, other than cutting off H.V.A.C. to the room,( I cant have the plants venting into a kitchen or living room.) Ultiimatly I know I need a good fan/pro carbon filter system, but I can not afford it for at least two months.

    Thank You for your thought!:)
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    Get a surge protector on your breaker box. like where the power comes into the house. Then you will never have to worry about blowing anything, fridge, stove, lights, computers. And make sure your breaker is balanced.

    Also check out the stadium grow. Probably what you are looking for.

    Also a portable AC unit should be a thought.
  5. i have been wanting to grow an ak47 plant along with some other strains and i was wonderin if having the carbon filter thing would pretty much knock out the smell of the odor of any plant?and i know this aint my thread but i was wonderin if it is better to have 3 4oo's or 2 600's.
  6. If you can find a house with a basement, the possibilities are endless. Basements stay temp regulated pretty much year round, you can usually tie in to HVAC, electric and plumbing, and you don't have to give up valuable space in your living area.
  7. where are you planning on venting to? attic?

    where are you planning on getting fresh air from?
  8. a carbon filter will only kill the smell thats leaving the room, not the smell in the room. FYI

    and ive always been under the impression that the more lights the better (more sq feet being lit)... so if the space was available I would go with (3) 400's
  9. this ^^^^

    Bac i would go with 2 600s

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