What to look for in a Graphics Card

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    Is it just clock speed and the amount of ram? If I go out to frys and look for a graphics card what should I look for?
    and what is a good card that is under 100 dollars that will play WOW and Guild Wars 2. Any suggestions?
  2. Google.
    Shop around for graphics cards under $100 and then find benchmarks with them for wow and guild wars 2.
  3. use this link to compare, there are several other benchmarks on this site so play around.
  4. When looking at graphics cards, there is a lot to consider. More than just the RAM or speed. You've got directx support, shader support, average temps on idle/full load, etc...

    Under a $100 you can probably get something from the 4800 series by Radeon. I have the 4850 in my computer and it still runs most games on high. WoW and GW probably wouldn't be an issue on high. If you're willing to spend about $120-130, you could probably get the Radeon 5770. It's last generation, but still holds its own without any trouble.

    Something else to look for is your monitor resolution. The higher your resolution, the less FPS (frames per second) you'll get out of your games.
  5. $200+ atleast is way to go...

    i like best bang for my buck.'
    1920x1080 at 30fps+ and im happy.
  6. I have the Radeon 5770 and it has hold up well. Make sure you have enough cooling in your case. Running games can get the card at 70C, not overly hot but just hot enough to make me worried. Directx 11 is a must. Don't know much about Nvidia cards though..

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